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The nearly 10 km long running track in the district Falconera – Italian holiday resort Caorle, begins at the church Chiesa della Madonna dell 'Angelo. The first 3km to the lagoon can be walk or run on the footpath and cycle track, or on sand at the beach cover of Caorle. At the easternmost point in the lagoon, is one of the best sunrise observation points located. Then we run 2,5 km along the lagoon to the northeast. The lagoon of Caorle is a natural paradise. Unique are the so-called Casoni. These are old, reed-covered fishing huts, which are often accessible only by boat.

On the gravel roads Via dei Casoni and Strada Palangon following  to the south we are back after about 8 km in the city of Caorle. At adventure pool - Aqua Follie past we walk back through the old town of Caorle and the colorful houses past the starting point at the church Chiesa della Madonna dell 'Angelo. Between the swimming center and the beginning of the pedestrian zone in the old town there is a wide bike- and pedestrian route.

The evening twilight on the headland at the Chiesa della Madonna dell 'Angelo is a highly recommended event. Caorle has been preserved in spite of mass tourism, particularly in the Old Town's original flair of a millennium-old fishing village. And so it is not surprising that many tourists keep coming back to Caorle.

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