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Overall, the trails in Altaussee and Blaa Alm have a length of 10.5 km and they are signposted very well. All cross-country trails are groomed for Skating and Classic in best quality. The longest trail is moderate and will start in the Ski Arena Loser. The guest house Blaa Alm is the start for the light Blaa Alm Almtrail and the not long but also moderate Blaa Alm Forest Trail. Directly in Altaussee is a very easy trail with 1,1 kilometer and only 6 altimeter. This trail is even illuminated between 17 and 21 clock.



The cross-country ski trail in Ardning has an overall length of 14 kilometers and has only a height difference of 39 altimeters. The maximum gradients are 1-2%. Thus, the cross-country ski trail Ardning is one of the easiest trails in Styria. 2 tracks are for classic skiing, and one track for skating (With the exception of 200 m).


 Bad Aussee                                                        

The 3 cross-country skiing and the winter hiking trail in Bad Aussee you find in the district Lerchenreith. Due to its higher elevation, near the Lindner Hotel & Spa - Die Wasnerin you have a wonderful view of the most beautiful mountains in the austrian holiday region Ausseerland – Salzkammergut: Dachstein, Sarstein, Loser and the alps Dead Mountains. The sun tracks 1 & 2 are at the beginning and end of the same and have no difficult climbs. The long, medium Panorama Trail is 8 Kilometers long.


 Bad Mitterndorf - Tauplitz                                 

From Tauplitz on Bad Mitterndorf to Ödensee in Pichl - Kainisch there are seven contiguous, mild to moderate cross-country skiing. All cross-country skiing have a combined length of about 60 km. One of the top cross-country ski center in Austria for the cross-country skiing. 



Of the cross-country skiing trails in Filzmoos are especially the alpine trails on the mountain - Roßbrand (classic and skating) because of the excellent views very interesting. More cross-country skiing trails you’ll find in the districts of Filzmoos: Hachau (Classic), Filzmoos (classic and skating), Neuberg (classic and skating) and Hinterwinkl (Classic).



In Gößl at the lake - Grundlsee there are three cross-country ski trails. 1. Gößl (blue line in the Google Map) 2. Toplitzsee (red line in the Google Map) and 3. Gößler Wiese (green line in the Google Map). The Toplitzseeloipe is groomed between km 1 and 3 only classical. Otherwise are groomed always a track for skating and 2 classic tracks. The cross-country ski trails Toplitzsee  and Gößl are easy and the cross-country trail Gößler Wiese has between km 1 to 2.2 a moderate slope.


 Hall bei Admont                                                                 

The cross-country Centre in Hall at Admont consists of four cross-country ski trails. The cross-country skiing is for both skating and classic style possible. The cross-country skiing trails and cross country racing in the Mühlau. The two hiking trails and Zirnitz Hall - Ennsloipe up for Weng are groomed only classic. They all share the wonderful panorama of mountains Haller Walls and National park Gesäuse. 



The Skating and Cross-country skiing Trail in Hinterstoder is located in the ski resort on the Huttererböden 1.375 - 1.410m. You can reach the trails with the Hössbahn (6-seater cable car) from Hinterstoder, or by car via the Höss toll road. The circular track for skating and classic is 3.3 km long and has a total vertical drop of 51altimeters. To be classed as easy trail only 2 moderate increases of about 15 altimeters at km 2 and 3 are included.



Mild to moderate cross-country trails with a total length of 13 kilometers on the beautifully situated and easily accessible Plateau in Hohentauern - Upper Styria. The cross-country trails on 1200m are therefore very snow sure. One of the top cross-country areas in Styria and Austria.


 Kaiserau - Admont                                                              

Easy to moderate cross-country ski trail on the small plateau Kaiserau near Admont (District Liezen / Styria / Austria). Because of the beautiful landscape in the vicinity of the National Park Gesäuse and the favourable position this is a wonderful winter experience.


 Irdning - Aigen im Ennstal                                  

The cross country ski trail between Irdning and Aigen im Ennstal is lightweight with just a few short moderate sections. Around the Hotel Schloss Pichlarn are the most scenic vantage points. The cross country ski track in Irdning / Aigen im Ennstal consists of a wide skating lane and a classic track. On the south side of the Schloss Pichlarn was created in the area of the golf course, a very nice winter walk.



Excellent cross-country ski trail in Liezen in Styria, Austria. On the cross-country on Pyhrn there are three loops with a total length of about 17 km. A cross-country skis for children, beginners and seniors. A hiking trail for all sports enthusiasts and a sport - or country skiing race for the professionals.



 Obertauern Gnadenalm                                                                     

The Gnadenalm is a very nice cross country skiing and toboggan center near the ski resort Obertauern (4km) in the province of Salzburg on the road B99 (from Radstadt 13 km) at about 1280-1350m. On the Gnadenalm in Obertauern are not only excellent cross country skiing trails offered, but also a cross-country skiing school and a practice trail - 0.2 km, cross-country ski rental and a long-run shop. The Gnadenalm in Obertauern offers 2 Classic and skating trails and a pure classic track. The first skating trail is 6.2 km long and has many moderate climbs. The other two tracks don‘t have significant slopes, and the easy trails are suitable for everyone.


 Planneralm - Donnersbach                                                     

The high trail on the Planneralm at Donnersbach (Liezen / Ennsvalley / Styria / Austria) is situated at about 1,600 m. Because of the distance profile and technically challenging downhill this cross-country skiing is recommended for experienced skiers and sports. This cross-country skiing offers on the sunny and beautiful landscaped Planneralm many good view points.


 Ramsau am Dachstein                                                                

Ramsau am Dachstein is one of the top destinations for cross-country skiing in the Alpine area. You’ll run on the trails where in 1999 the Nordic World Championships have been held and annually also some FIS World Cup competitions will be held. The 220 ​​km long network of trails (150km classic - 70 km skating) is situated at an altitude of 1,000 m to 1,300 m in Ramsau am Dachstein and the Glacier Trail on the Dachstein Glacier at 2,700 m. The 2.5 km long night run in the cross country stadium in Ramsau is illuminated to 21 clock. In the cross-country stadium there is also a children's cross-country skiing park, cross-country skiing schools, ski rental, and a snow machine. Along the cross-country trails invite 80 Eateries to take a short break.


 Rohrmoos-Untertal / Schladming                                         

Rohrmoos-Untertal is a neighboring community of Schladming and offers in the Untertal one trail  h for skating and one ski trail for classic. The cross-country ski trail in the upper valley is groomed only  for classic. Along the trails there are some very good rest stops and the scenery is well worth seeing. The easy trails have only a few moderate climbs and are suitable for everyone.


 Rosenau am Hengstpaß - Biathlon center                    

The biathlon center Innerrosenau in Rosenau am Hengstpaß offers light, medium and heavy cross-country skiing and the biathlon shooting range necessary for a biathlon center with locker room / WC and biathlon courses. In summer you can borrow the ski roller and the air rifle for training on the 2.5 m wide asphalt trail.



The medium Spechtensee - Cross-country ski trail in Wörschachwald is 6 kilometers from Tauplitz. Fitted is the 7 km long trail with a wide skating lane and a classic track. Especially the best parking place is directly at the trail start. With the restaurants Wörschachwalderhof and Spechtenseehütte the cross-country tour  to lake Spechtensee offers two very good stops for refreshment.



The "Lärchenwald" trail and the "Sturzhahn" cross-country trail on the Tauplitzalm (District Liezen / Styria / Austria) are also awarded the Styrian ski seal of approval. In particular, the snow situation between 1600 and 1650Hm and the beautiful mountains of the Lakes Plateau Tauplitzalm are two good reasons to be often in the year to drive with the cross-country skis on the Tauplitzalm. Many cross-country athletes take advantage of the good snow on the Tauplitzalm and the excellent infrastructure each year for the cross-country training.



Right next to the beautiful resort Tauplitz (Ausseerland / District Liezen / Styria / Austria), are the two cross-country trails with very fine views. 1. Tauplitz Cross-country ski trail (easy - medium) 2. Freiberg Trail (easy).



The cross-country trails on the upper austrian ski resort Wurzeralm are 6,2 km long. The sunny ski resort is located near the Pyhrnpass on the border between Styria and Upper Austria. Because of the altitude between 1.360m - 1.440m the whole ski area and thus the cross-country trail is very snow-sure. As you can see from the photos there is no particular view. But the mountains between the Stupwieswipfel in the east and the Warscheneck 2.388m high in the west form a wonderful panorama.



 The fascination cross-country skiing is the steady gliding at their own pace. The movements are then performed completely automatically without thinking too have almost meditatively. During the cross-country and one finds oneself, the whole stress is reduced by the exercise. For problems about which one has previously broken the head can be found easily a solution, or you have good ideas.

But above all, it is always a wonderful experience the snowy woods and fields under a blue sky and when the snow crystals glisten in the sun to pass through. I am sure who could do these moments of happiness in a fairytale alpine landscape in Austria is looking once again for it.

Similar exclusive experience usually found only on skiing. These are not as cross-country to a secure area (avalanche!) And if one does not have the necessary knowledge and associated equipment, you should definitely contact an experienced mountain guide.

Differences between the classical technique and skating technique: 

The classic technique is particularly suitable for children, beginners and seniors. For one can in the classical technique not only cross country but also walk on the trails. On the level, or if it is used uphill use the diagonal step. With the diagonal step one overcomes steep passages and when the cross-country ski trail leads gently downhill to the double pole comes with or without a lunge to use.

In the cross-country skis the scale-ski and growing-ski is used. In the growing-ski is in the middle of the tread a path of wax applied to the cross-country slide back can not you push off. The growth is very temperature dependent and therefore time-consuming. Anyone who wants to spare before the growth of any skiing trip is thus better off with a  scale-ski.

The skating technique is the faster mode in the cross country but requires a higher level in the sense of balance and is more demanding of the coordination. Depending on conditions and terrain, a distinction between the symmetric, asymmetric and clocked technology. Also for skating has their own cross-country skis, poles and boots. If you look waxed skating, it is not so bad, because it is just a bit slower and its not like the classic style that you fall almost every few feet, when the rejection slips away with a false growing-ski waxed the skis.

Before the cross-country skiing: 

Before the cross country warm up is called for. By gently bouncing and jumping on the stand, the muscles warmed up and relaxed with light stretching exercises. This avoids the particularly sprains can occur in classical style. After the warm-up start to run slowly and only after 5-10min of normal run speed select. This ensures that the muscles are warm and the bronchi of the lungs have become accustomed to the cold air.

Health aspects:

Cross-country skiing is one of the healthiest winter sports, there are moves in a fluid motion, almost all the muscles in the body. Cross country skiing is one sport in which the joints particularly many calories are burned, the immune system is stimulated and strengthened. So who is regularly on the trail, giving the winter fat no chance.


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