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Altaussee Langlauf und Skating gesamt auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

 Overall, the trails in Altaussee have a length of 10.5 km and they are signposted very well. All cross-country trails are groomed for skating and Classic in best quality. The longest trail is moderate and will start in the Ski Arena Loser. At the Blaa Alm, we ski downhill to the Rettenbachalm and back to the pasture Blaa Alm and to the Ski Arena Loser. Since there is only a very short climb between the guest house Blaa Alm and the Ski Arena, the guest house Blaa Alm is an ideal place for an extensive rest. The guest house Blaa Alm is the start for the light Blaa Alm Almtrail and while not long, however, but also moderate Blaa Alm Forest Trail. A few hundred meters from the Blaa Alm Blaa there are some parking.

The district Ramsau we know from the Loser Bike Tour, Loser Mountain Tour, MTB Tour Altaussee - Bad Goisern and the Salzkammergut Trophy. The inn Blaa Alm is close to the cross country skiing trail and the MTB – Tours,  Altaussee - Bad Goisern, Salzkammergut Trophy. The best known specialties, are fish dishes and Venison from our own hunting and from the local waters. The Blaa Alm is open all the year and accessible by car and by bus. For weddings and parties up to 200 people is built on the Blaa Alm in bad weather a heated tent. The large children's playground, the Indian village and the groundhog enclosures are very popular with children. The Blaa Alm also offers overnight stays in apartments with about 120m² and a bed room (all in the 4-star standard).

Directly in Altaussee was on the fisherfield created a very easy trail with 1,1 kilometer and only 6 altimeter. This is even illuminated between 17 and 21 clock. There is also a  parking right at the start. The trails in Altaussee are groomed for skating and classic skating.  
Although with night trail runs will be no fee required.

The cross-country ski trails in Altaussee are awarded with the "Styrian track mark", for which the following criteria must be met:

  • At least one classical and one skating track
  • Trail minimum length of 5 km and minimum width of 4-6 m
  • Km-signs with information, direction, marking (light - medium - hard)
  • Protection of slopes and dangerous places with fall hazard warnings and padded rooms
  • Permanent and immediate grooming of the trails when weather changes - Trail device equipped with a milling machine must be. Appropriate infrastructure at the exit point or the entry point. Panorama Plate with complete network of trails (groomed trails and locked), difficulty levels, cross-country ski or height profiles, temperature display, ski rental at the track or in the city. Parking
  • Medical Equipment
  • Snow for at least 60 days

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