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Ardning Ski Langlauf Skating auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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 The cross-country ski trail in Ardning has an overall length of 14 kilometers and has only a height difference of 39 vertical meters. The maximum gradients are 1-2%. Thus, the cross-country ski trail Ardning is one of the easiest trails in Styria. 2 tracks are for classic skiing, and one track for skating (With the exception of 200 m).

Of the six entry points provides the entry point 2 at the west entrance of Ardning the best parking. Who will start his cross country tour there runs counterclockwise around the Pürgschachener Moor. Besides the enchanting winter landscape, there are wonderful views of the mountains Bosruck, Großer Priel and towards Admont you see next to the pilgrimage church – Frauenberg, the first mountains of the alps - Gesäuse. Who wants to run only a short tour around the Pürgschachener Moor turn left after 3.5 km and finish the tour after 4 km at the west entrance of Ardning. For the complete round, we turn to the right. The first 600m is the track slightly rising and subsequently slightly sloping in the direction to the Enns river. Continuously along the Enns we reach after 7.2 km the easternmost entry point in Frauenberg. Then we ski a small loop and then the same trail back to the starting point.

The Pürgschachner Moor at Ardning is one of the few still remaining completely natural bogs in Austria. On the nature trail at the edge of the 50-hectare nature reserve Pürgschachner Moor, one can see rare plants and animals. 17 dragonfly species, 350 butterfly species and some rare species of birds live in the Pürgschachner Moor. The carnivorous sundew is also included in the arms of the municipality Ardning. looked like a large area filled with red, yellow, brown mosses, herbs give an idea of heather and cotton grass as the landscape in the Ennsvalley in the Middle Ages before the regulation of Enns must have. The term bog has nothing to do with altitude, but that bulge out the peat layers several meters in height (as in a lens) and lose contact with groundwater. The curvature in Pürgschachner Moor is 5-7m and the peat layers, which have formed since the end of the last ice age reached a strength of up to 7m.

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