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 The cross country ski area on the plateau Hohentauern in Styria is divided into four tracks with different requirements.

1st Central cross country skiing

2nd Tauern cross country skiing

3rd Sport cross country skiing

4th Connecting cross country skiing to the village center Hohentauern

The cross-country trails are a total of 13 kilometers long and have a skating lane on the right side and two classic tracks on the left side. It was built five entry points. These I have marked in the Google Map with the blue markings. The best i think is the entry point to the cross country ski center in Hohentauern (marked red).  Because there you can select the best among the mild to moderate trails and also offered a good parking for 100 cars.

In the three entry points: "Generali - Fairway" - Trail Center Hohentauern, "Gruppe Gastronomie Hohentauern" near the hotel / ski lifts Moscher and "TMG - Metallbau" at Draxlerhaus they have installed new electronic trail funds, where you can buy very easily the ticket for the cross-country trails Hohentauern. It is therefore not necessary to check the small change before you'll departure to the ski center Hohentauern, because you can pay for the new electronic cash trail with 5, 10 and 20 € notes. How can see in the picture you have the cash trail with a small information booth provided where you are based on the start of the cross-country pleasure again and accurate information about the proposed cross-country ski trails. Another very good service is the information folders everyone can take to the track.

Access to the cross country trail center, in the Google Map shown in green. The road from the village in the ski center Hohentauern towards Edelrautehütte and at Lakeside Village is very good marked. Even using the new cross-bridge on the access road at Lakeside Village, conjectures that it works best with what professional commitment of the club Hohentauern country skiing in the establishment and improvement of cross-country offering. So one has e.g. despite the snow over 1200m on the safety situation on a snow cannon, and also gained a floodlight system is planned.

Central cross country skiing is perfectly suitable for light training or cross-country beginner. The track is 2.18 km long, lies at an altitude between 1219m and 1247m. The total height difference is 35m. For even lighter workout you can use the shortcut (thin dark blue line in the above Google Map - within the Central cross country skiing). In the Central trail shortened by about 700m and the total difference in height is also reduced by approximately 15 meters.

Tauern cross country skiing: The Tauern Trail closes south of the Central cross country skiing and located consists of a light trail up to the starting point TMG at Draxlerhaus (light blue ribbon in the Google Map) and a moderate cross-country ski trail 1.3 km (orange in the Google Map) . The entire Tauern trail is 5.2 km long and has 70 altimeters. Without the southern part the Tauern Trail is 3.9 km long and has about 40 altimeters.

Sport cross country skiing trail is located in Hohentauern as the red ribbon in the Google Map. It is 2.9 km long and lies at an altitude of 1194m to 1255m. The very demanding sport cross country skiing, with 77 altimeters basically consists of a long run and a very long slope, the only is short interrupt by a descent.

Connecting cross country skiing: Who will start at the entrance in the center of the village Hohentauern should note that there are about 80 altimeters between the center Hohentauern and the lower ground at 1194m by the Lakeside Village. In the finish you have to go up there again.


The cross-country trails in Hohentauern are awarded with the "Styrian track mark", for which the following criteria must be met:

  • At least one classical and one skating track
  • Runs - total - the minimum length of 5 km and minimum width of 4-6 m
  • Km-signs with information, direction, marking (light - medium - hard)
  • Protection of slopes and dangerous places with fall hazard warnings and padded rooms
  • Permanent and immediate grooming of the trails when weather changes - Trail device equipped with a milling machine must be. Appropriate infrastructure at the exit point or the entry point. Panorama Plate with complete network of trails (groomed trails and locked), difficulty levels, cross-country ski or height profiles, temperature display, ski rental at the track or in the city. Parking
  • Medical Equipment
  • Snow for at least 60 days.

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