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The cross-country trails in Pyhrn are located approximately 6 km from the town Liezen (District Liezen / Styria / Austria) away at the farm Essl, a district of the town Liezen just off the road B138 on the Styrian side on Pyhrn Pass. A few meter near the start and finish area there are for the cross-country trails on both sides of the highway, free parking.

The skating - and classical tracks are parallel, left and right is a classic trail and in the middle is a wide skating trail. Together, the three trail have a length of almost 17 km - 350 altimeter and the altitude is 790m to 850m. The trails in Liezen-Pyhrn have therefore a good snow conditions. The cross-country ski trail is designed as a hiking cross-country skiing trail with the same start and finish area. The old wooden bridge was replaced by a new, wider bridge. Here also the distance to the highway has been increased so that the dirty snow from the road can not affect the trail. Unfortunately, there are along the cross-country ski trail in Liezen not an inn or lodge.

The cross-country trails in Liezen / Pyhrn divided into three cross-country trails, which are all equipped with a classic track and a skating track: 

1. Moderate ski trail 12.8 km 220 altimeter

2. Sport ski trail 6.2 km 140 altimeter

3. Children ski trail 2.2 km 24 altimeter

where the sport and hiking cross-country skiing at the beginning and end run on the 2.2 km-long children trail.

The cross-country trails in Liezen are awarded with the "Styrian track mark", for which the following criteria must be met:

  • At least one classical and one skating track
  • Runs - total - the minimum length of 5 km and minimum width of 4-6 m
  • Km-signs with information, direction, marking (light - medium - hard)
  • Protection of slopes and dangerous places with fall hazard warnings and padded rooms
  • Permanent and immediate grooming of the trails when weather changes - Trail device equipped with a milling machine must be. Appropriate infrastructure at the exit point or the entry point. Panorama Plate with complete network of trails (groomed trails and locked), difficulty levels, cross-country ski or height profiles, temperature display, ski rental at the track or in the city. Parking
  • Medical Equipment
  • Snow for at least 60 days

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