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Schladming Skating Cross Country Skiing Overall auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

In the community Rohrmoos-Untertal in the Dachstein Tauern Region there are 3 interesting and very nice situated cross-country trails (1 Skating / 2 Classic). In Untertal are from the common start by the bridge Hinkerbrücke one trail for skating (Untertal Sports Trail) and Classic (Crystal Trail) and a winter walk along the road into the valley Untertal. After the first climb we cross the moor Tettermoor with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

At the level of waterfalls Riesachfälle it goes back to the starting point. From the Waldhäuslalm is a winter driving ban and between the inn Tetter and hut Waldhäuslalm is a path prepared by the road, so that only the short distance from the parking lot to the Inn Tetter you have to go on the road. Along the winter hiking trail in the upper valley on the other hand, there is no winter driving ban. However, the traffic volume is very low. The cross country trail (Silberstein trail) in the valley Rohrmoos-Obertal has, unfortunately, no skating track. Through romantic forests and enchanting meadows can be reached on the silver stone track the locality Hopfriesen.

A special experience in Rohrmoos-Untertal is also the night sledding on Hochwurzen. The start by the hut Hochwurzenhütte is easily accessible via the gondola. From the hut Hochwurzenhütte one has a particularly good view of the night near Schladming before the downhill on the 6.3 km long toboggan run back to the base station in Rohrmoos-Untertal begin. The both huts Hochwurzenhütte and Hochwurzenalm are also accessible via the excellent winter hiking trail. In the Google map all trails are suitable for classic and skating shown with blue lines. Those who are groomed for skating red and the one for the classic cross-country skiers are provided green. The winter hiking trails in Rohrmoos-Untertal and to the summit by the huts Hochwurzenhütte / Hochwurzenalm can be identified by the purple lines. The night toboggan run on Hochwurzen is shown as yellow line.

On the tours in Rohrmoos-Untertal there are for all hungry for cross-country skiers and hikers in the winter many opportunities for a good rest. Obertal: Windsbacher traditional pub and inn Tauern gold. Untertal: Inn Tetter, Waldhäuslalm - hut, Sondlalm - hut and inn white wall.

The journey is made by Schladming up to Rohrmoos-Untertal. At the first roundabout take the second exit and follow the road towards the upper valley and Untertal (black and brown lines in the above Google Map).


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