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Both cross-country skiing trails in Tauplitz have a combined length of 11.5 kilometers. The cross-country track of Tauplitz is shown as red and the Freiberg trail as a blue line in the Google Map. The Freiberg trail can be reached via a short connecting trail (green line).

The entrances to the cross-country trails are located respectively near the parking lots marked with "P". The direction of the cross-country tracks in Tauplitz is counterclockwise. Since you have the first 3 kilometers of the cross-country track in Tauplitz (Ortsloipe), and then on top of the Freiberg trail to accommodate an altitude of about 80 meters (880-960m), this part of the cross-country tour to be classified as moderate. On the remaining 8.5 km cross-country skiing is very easy and you have this very long and hard the magnificent mountain scenery, as both cross-country trails never lead through a forest. Tauplitz is surrounded by many beautiful mountains and is therefore one of the finest cross country winter sport in Austria.

The most prominent mountains are north of Tauplitz the "Sturzhahn" near Tauplitzalm. In the south, of course, the Grimming and in the east you are often seen to the Dachstein glacier. Four times the cross-country skiing  cross a road and you must take off the cross-country skis. Both cross-country trails have on the left, a skating and on the right track for a diagonal cross-country classic track. On the Freiberg cross-country skiing is a short oncoming traffic area, ohterwise the trail is groomed twice, so you do not always avoid someone.

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