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 The Angerkogel Tour is a beautiful and relatively safe snowshoe and ski tour. The have a relatively high starting point and is often possible already in December. It is also suitable for beginners. In case of bad weather (wind and fog) you can get problems with the orientation at the summit area. If the conditions are good the moderately ski tour have very nice views of the surrounding mountains.

From the car park at a high of 929m we follow first the road for one kilometer up to the pastures - Hintersteineralm. At the last cabin on the right side we keep left and cross the stream. Then we go up through the about 30% steep Gschwandgraben. The Gschwandgraben at the beginning of the tour can be difficult when iced. On days with little snow you should prefer the forest road as described in the downhill. At km 2.5 we cross the forest road, and after another 300 meters we stay for the next 500m on the forest road. Then we turn left again into the forest. Since many ski tourers are traveling on this route we usually follow the existing riser tracks west to the hunting lodge - Aiplhütte. After the small plateau at the Aiplhütte you reach a km later the tree line. From here you have be carefully in bad weather (wind and fog) because of the difficult orientation. That's why you should take a GPS device. Before we reach at the end the southern slope, we go through a small valley. 300m after the saddle you’ll stay on the 2.114 high summit – Angerkogel.

The Downhill is at first as the ascent. Once you reach the forest road you do not go down through the Gschwandgraben, but follow the road to the left until the pasture - Hintersteineralm. The pasture is not maintained during the winter, so take enough food and drinks.


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