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 The ski area Wurzeralm is a popular destination for many ski tour hikers. For several years an own trail next to the ski run is prepared, because the use of the slopes is forbidden for walking uphill during a ski tour. A separate parking was built slightly above the base station. The ski run is closed from 17:00 to 08:00 clock. On selected days, usually during a full moon, a ski trip to 22:00 clock is allowed. The mountain restaurant Wurzeralm is also open on these days until 21:00 clock.

This ski tour is highly recommended for beginners as first tour. Because then the material must match and you have to be familiar with the technique. Advanced ski tourers do this tour not only from conditional reasons, but also because of the beautiful scenery. The tour length is 3.1 km from the parking lot at 854m until the mountain restaurant on a high of 1.430m. There are longer sections with an average gradient of 21% to 30%. Before the downhill you can go to the mountain restaurant with delicious home cooking and a beautiful sun terrace.



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