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Yellow Marker = Winter Toboggan run - without lift

Green Marker = Winter Toboggan run - with lift

Red Marker = Summer Toboggan run


 Altenmarkt im Pongau - Hochnössler   3 km / 386 Hm

The illuminated toboggan run starts at the inn - Hochnössler or 300m before the ski hut -  Bifei's Hütt'n. The use of the toboggan run is free. You’ll reach the both cottages are walking on the road - Bifangweg in about 1 to 1.5 hours or by sled taxis. At both huts you can borrow a toboggan. With an average gradient of about 13% is the easy-to-moderate toboggan run very good suitable for the whole family.


 Donnersbachwald   3,1 km / 325 m

Beautiful toboggan run in Donnersbachwald - Ennstal - District Liezen  - Styria - Austria. On the Mörsbachalm hut there are 2 cabins with overnight stay. The sled Donnersbachwald has no lighting. When sledding in Donnersbach valley necessarily take the headlights. Toboggan hire and taxi at Mörsbachwirt.


 Filzmoos - Kleinbergalm   1,4 km / 195 m

The toboggan run Kleinbergalm is especially ideal for those people who do not want to go up on foot after a long ski day. During the day is the ski hut – Kleinbergalm accessible with the 4-seater chairlift Großberg or a walk which will take about an hour. In the evening there is a toboggan taxi up to the Kleinbergalm. and the toboggan run is lit at night.


 Fuschl am See - Summer toboggan run   0,5 km / 75 m

The about 500m long summer toboggan run in Fuschl am See is a recreational activity for the whole family. After a walk, hike or a trip in the wonderful region Fuschl am See is this toboggan run an additional highlight. The summer toboggan run in the district Steinbach is very easily accessible. From the parking area next to the Wolfgangsee road you'll walk only 300m to the base station.


 Gröbming   1,0 km / 74 m

The 1.0 km long toboggan run is in the village Zirting - community Mitterberg with an average gradient of 7.5%. There is only a long right turn and at the finish an easy flat run-out. Therefore the sledding trail is suitable for families with younger children.


 Hinterstoder   1,0 km / 151 m  

The Loigist-toboggan run in Hinterstoder is illuminated up to 23 clock. Access to the start of the track can also be done with a toboggan taxi. Right next to the finish is located the hotel Gressenbauer. Who does not have a toboggan sled can rent one at the Hotel Gressenbauer.


 Hohentauern   4,9 km / 470 m 

The toboggan run in Hohentauern - Styria - Austria, leads on 4.9 kilometers from the cross-country skiing center in Hohentauern up to the hut Edelrautehütte. The hut - Edelrautehütte is at the base of the mountain  "Großer Bösenstein" on 1.708m, near the hut Scheibelalm and the lake Scheibelsee. From the toboggan run in Hohentauern you have a very nice view of the mountains in the Gesäuse and Rottenmanner Tauern. The toboggan run is also a toll road. Therefore, tobogganing in Hohentauern especially careful of oncoming traffic. In the period from 16h to 17h30, the toll road is closed for cars and therefore the ideal time to sledding from the Edelrautehütte back to Hohentauern to the valley.


Johnsbach   2,8 km / 301 m 

The toboggan run on the hut Ebneralm in Johnsbach - Styria is although only 2 km long, but has a continuous 10% slope and offers a very nice hut for the rest. In good weather you have a wonderful view over Johnsbach and the mountains in Gesäuse - Styria - Austria. Since it is not too long, the beautiful toboggan tour is also suitable for children's.


 Kaiserau - Admont   3,9 km / 355 m 

From the parking lot of the ski lifts on the Kaiserau near Admont - Gesäuse - District Liezen - Styria - Austria begins the toboggan run with an average gradient of 9% to the hut "Oberst Klinke Hütte" on 1495m. The sledding on the Kaiserau at Admont is landscaped beautifully at the foot of the mountain Kalbling (2196m). Tobogganing on the Kaiserau one should not neglect the headlights because the sled is not illuminated. Toboggan hire and taxi you find at the Oberst Klinke hut.


 Liezen - Pyhrn   3,7 km / 310 m 

Very romantic toboggan run at Pyhrnpaß - 6km north of Liezen - Ennsvalley - Styria - Austria. No lift, no lodge, no sled rental, so the sledding near Liezen total quaint as in the old days. From the parking lot next to the Pyhrn Pass road one has beautiful views to the mountains around Bosruck and to Upper Austria. You can decide in the central section if you'll tobogganing on a steep or slight variation along the forest road.


 Obertauern - Gnadenalm   0,8 km / 132 m  

The 800m-long toboggan run is lit every night. Start and finish is next to the Gnadenalmstüberl on the Gnadenalm in Obertauern. Who often go down the great sledding hill, or want to avoid go up, can ride for a few euros with the Ski-Doo - toboggan taxi. Particularly advantageous, I find that you do not have to go up on the slope. With an average gradient of 17% that would be quite exhausting and a lot due to the attainable speeds too dangerous.


Planneralm - Donnersbach   0,7 km / 92 m 

The floodlit toboggan run on Planneralm in Donnersbach is not long but on the day you have wonderful views across the mountains surrounding the Planneralm. Moreover the Planneralm offer a very good infrastructure with many hotels, guesthouses and lodges.


 Galsterberg - Pruggern   4,8 km 509 m     

The floodlit toboggan run in Pruggern is achieved very easily by Galsterbergalm ski gondola. Before you begin with the slide into the valley you must visit the Gallic village. On several days a week, the toboggan run is at night illuminated. Next to the start of the toboggan run on Galsterberg is the beautiful restaurant Bottinghaus.           


 Radstadt    6,0 km / 5 m

The 6 km long toboggan run in the ski resort Radstadt/Altenmarkt has 709 vertical meters and is with the 8-person gondola - Königslehen very easily accessible. This is one of the longest toboggan runs in the region, daily open and you can use it in daytime for free with an Amade ski pass. Several times a week the toboggan run is lit and open late into the night. At the base station of the lift you can borrow a toboggan.


 Ramsau am Dachstein - Brandalm Tour 1   4,5 km / 5 m

For the toboggan run of the very nice hut - Brand Alm down to the village - Ramsau am Dachstein there are 2 versions. This page describes the version 1 with the driveway in the ski bus to the bottom station of the Dachstein glacier ski lift. This is the most comfortable way to experience the beautiful winter landscape at the base of the mountain Dachstein.


Ramsau am Dachstein - Brandalm Tour 2   9,5 km / 495 m

This page describes the version 2 from the center of Ramsau to the hut - Brand Alm. The 4.7 km long toboggan run with the gorgeous scenery around the Dachstein has 495 vertical meters. The hut - Brand Alm offers a sunny terrace, a magnificent panoramic view of the very interesting Dachstein massif, the mountains Niedere Tauern, Rötelstein and Bischofsmütze. During inclement weather, or at a later hour you can sit in a homey, rustic in style room with heated tiled stove.


Ramsau am Dachstein - Night toboggan run   3,0 km / 2 Hm

About 3 times a week is the fairy tale run in the ski resort Rittisberg of nineteen to twenty-two clock in the evening a well-lit toboggan run. The 3 km long natural toboggan run is due to the constant 10% slope and good grooming very family friendly. For smaller children are the fairy-tale characters very interesting.


 Ramsau am Dachstein - Summer toboggan run   1,3 km / 120 m          

The Rittisberg coaster in the experience park Rittisberg in Ramsau am Dachstein is a wonderful destination in the Dachstein Tauern region. As not only the summer sledging is offer, but also for children a very interesting swimming lake, ropes course, Celtic stone circle, children's motocross, archery and wonderful walks on Rittisberg with some rustic cabins.


 Reiteralm    3,7 km / 420 m

The toboggan run in ski resort Reiteralm is 3.7 kilometers long and has 420 vertical meters. The steady gradient is about 11,4%. The benefits of this commendable toboggan trail is in addition to the traditional rustic hut – Hochalm and the hotel - Almhotel at the starting point, the toboggan taxi, the wide groomed toboggan run which is also illuminated at night.


 Rohrmoos - Night toboggan run   6,3 km / 725 m          

The night tobogganing run on the very well-lit toboggan run Hochwurzen in Rohrmoos near Schladming is a very special experience. The start at the top of the mountain Hochwurzen by the hut Hochwurzenhütte is achieved very easily by the ski gondola Planai - Hochwurzenbahnen. For a hearty refreshment break offer the track four huts and mountain pastures, Hochwurzenhütte, Hochwurzenalm, Seiteralm with Celtic Bar and Tauernalm. When you tobogganing / sledding there is no oncoming traffic and the crossing with the ski run was made with a tunnel. Of course also on the day is the sledding on Hochwurzen possible.


 Rosenau am Hengstpaß   1,3 km 173 m                           

The demanding toboggan run in Rosenau am Hengstpaß is 1.3 kilometers long and offers a floodlit and an average gradient of 11% in the first part and 16.5% in the second part. The start is at the inn Zottensberg. You can reach the inn Zottensberg via a 3 km long road from Rosenau am Hengstpaß. Going up on the toboggan run is too dangerous. Be sure to wear good shoes. Take a taxi, or organize your own driveway with the car.


 Tauplitz - Night toboggan run   0,6 km / 90 m       

The night toboggan run in Tauplitz is located above the center at the Grafenwiesen lift. Right next to the Grafenwiesen ski hut you’ll go up with the 360m-long ski lift to the start of the toboggan run. The rent for one of the 60 sledge included in the lift the price. In addition to the device for transport on the ski lift, the very stable sledding have also a hand brake and an automatic emergency brake.


 Windischgarsten - Summer toboggan run   2,9 km / 235 m     

The adventure mountain Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten - Pyhrn Priel - Upper Austria is a wonderful destination for young and old. In addition to the summer - Toboggan run, Alpine Coaster and archery you can hike up the Wurbauerkogel downhill with a special mountain bike. Here you must not bike up the mountain with the bike, because there is a lift. 


 Zauchensee    3,3 km / 395 m

The ski hut - Sonnalm with a great sun terrace, winter garden and views of the Salzburg mountain region is the very worthwhile goal of the toboggan run in Zauchensee. The quaint ski hut was built in 2010 and is located right on the ski slope - Tauernkar. The 3.3 km long toboggan run starts at the hut - Sonnalm and ends in the valley just before the lake Zauchensee.


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