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The sled in Hohentauern - Styria - Austria - up to 1708m on Edelrautehütte is 4.9 km long and has a constant slope of about 10% of a total height of 470 altimeters. There are enough parking spaces at the cross-country ski center in Hohentauern, only 300m away from the toll station (start and end of the run). There are only a 200m long flat section approximately 500 meters after the toll station. The toboggan run on the toll road to the hut Edelrautehütte leads down to the last kilometer through the forest and therefore there are only a few good view points. But in stormy weather is the entire tour through the forest protected from wind.

Above, during the Edelrautehütte there is a more better and more beautiful panorama over the mountains of Gesäuse and behind the Edelrautehütte on the "Großen Bösenstein". The hut Edelrautehütte in Hohentauern - Scheibelalm is the beginning of a small valley from the mountains Hauseck 1982m, Großen Bösenstein 2448m, Kleinen Bösenstein 2395m and Großen Hengst 2159m is formed. There are also the two very romantic alpine lakes Großer Scheibelsee and Kleiner Scheibelsee. The place Hohentauern in Styria is recommended not only in winter for sledding, cross country skiing and skiing but also in the summer for walking, cycling and mountain biking a lot.

In any case, you should be very careful and go tobogganing, especially in curves right, because on the toll road in winter driving some cars up to the parking lot is located a half kilometer in front of the Edelrautehütte. This path from the parking to Edelrautehütte is even illuminated so that the late returnees find safe again to the car. Because of the very hospitable Edelrautehütte you should absolutely take headlamps, because it can be easy to overlook that one for sheer comfort of time and meanwhile it has become dark outside.

Safety Tips for Sledding - Sledding:

  • Who's going sledding in the afternoon has to take on any case, head lamps, since it gets dark early in winter. So you can stay longer and enjoy the comfortable rest on the Oberst Klinke hut.
  • Take T-shirt, sweater and cap for changing with you, so you do not get sick.
  • Do sledding always in control. Before little children should be sleigh at a greater distance an adult.
  • With good hiking shoes you can brake and steer on slippery toboggan runs.
  • Children they may toboggan alone, should put on a ski helmet and ski goggles in any case. 
  • On the ascent go on the right side, so you avoid collisions with downhill toboggan, sled driver and ski tour walker.
  • Even in winter you can drive with cars on the toll road to the parking 500m in front of the hut Edelrautehütte.

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