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The toboggan run on the hut Ebneralm begins in the Johnsbach valley by the Ebnerhof at an altitude of 971m. (About 2 km after the inn Kölbl). For 40-50 cars was created a car parking. Up to the Ebneralm on 1.272m you walk 2.8 km. The sled itself is about 2 km long, as the toboggan run Ebneralm starts after the farm Ebnerhof and the short gorge with the 2 short tunnels at Kilomter 0.5.

The road is on the last 250m to 300m before the Ebneralm very flat. If you look at the pictures of the Ebneralm, it would be a shame if we would not go over the final meters to Ebneralm and so waived the wonderful scenery. The difference in height of the track is 2 kilometers on 210 vertical meters. The slope is therefore about 10%. Sometimes it can happen that you meet a couple of ski mountaineers who use the same route as the ascent and descent of the ski tour to the mountains Stadelfeld 2.092m and Lugauer 2.217m.

Safety Tips for Sledding -  Toboggan Johnsbach:

  • Who's going sledding in the afternoon has to take on any case, head lamps, since it gets dark early in winter. So you can stay longer and enjoy the comfortable rest on the hut Ebneralm.
  • Take T-shirt, sweater and cap for changing with you, so you do not get sick.
  • Do sledding always in control. Before little children should be sleigh at a greater distance an adult.
  • With good hiking shoes you can brake and steer on slippery toboggan runs.
  • Children they may toboggan alone, should put on a ski helmet and ski goggles in any case. 
  • On the ascent go on the right side, so you avoid collisions with downhill toboggan, sled driver and ski tour walker.

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