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The ski area Kaiserau is in the south of Admont at an altitude of 1100m. On the small plateau you can in the winter, cross-country skiing, sledding and skiing and winter hiking. In summer, the Kaiserau is a very good starting point for many interesting walks and the highest point of cycling and mountain biking - Tours.

Because of the altitude provides Kaiserau high snow quality. This is particularly interesting for sledding and cross country skiing, since it can not be hurried along with snow cannons. The sled starts right at the large parking lot of the ski lifts Kaiserau and ends after 3.9 km at the hut "Oberst Klinke Hütte" on 1495m. As in the height profile shows the natural track to Oberst Klinke hut has an almost constant slope of 9%. The hut "Oberst Klinke Hütte" is very romantic at the foot of the mountain Kalbling 2196m. Moreover, when the weather is nice you have a very good picturesque view to the mountains in the District Liezen - Grimming, Stoderzinken and the Dachstein glacier. The toboggan run is about 3-4m wide.
Also ski mountaineers use this road as you for the downhill to the Kaiserau and with some winter hikers is calculate on the toboggan run.

The toboggan taxi in the form of a tractor with a trailer for up to 20 people runs every 30 minutes on busy days, or 2 times daily. You'll start best when the toboggan taxi is on top by the "Oberst Klinke Hütte".
Enquire Taxi and tobogganing - Rental in the hut "Oberst Klinke Hütte" under the phone number (+43) 03613/2601.

Safety Tips for Sledding - Sledding:

  • Who's going sledding in the afternoon has to take on any case, head lamps, since it gets dark early in winter. So you can stay longer and enjoy the comfortable rest on the Oberst Klinke hut.
  • Take T-shirt, sweater and cap for changing with you, so you do not get sick.
  • Do sledding always in control. Before little children should be sleigh at a greater distance an adult.
  • With good hiking shoes you can brake and steer on slippery toboggan runs.
  • Children they may toboggan alone, should put on a ski helmet and ski goggles in any case. 
  • On the ascent go on the right side, so you avoid collisions with downhill toboggan, sled driver and ski tour walker.
  • The operator is required to supply the hut by car and the toboggan taxi is on the run several times per day. So begin best with the tobogganing when the toboggan taxi is on the top by the Oberst Klinke hut.

The hut - Oberst Klinke Hütte offers 160 seats and 120 beds. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.
Because of the wonderful landscape and the sunny position of the value of experience during a vacation in the winter in Admont is very high. The Kaiserau can be reached either by Admont or Trieben. In winter we prefer the driveway of Trieben, because the road conditions on the sunnier location are better. The access of the Kaiserau road to the ski area on the Kaiserau (In the Google Map shown in red) leads through a forest.
The road is not steep, but often very smooth with some ruts.

The ski area Kaiserau consists of 2 lifts, 1 platter, 1 rope tow. Children and adults can from the available slopes of all levels learn to ski very well improve or playful. Moreover, it is especially possible for families to spend on the sunny and scenic Kaiserau very interesting to a very low-cost skiing in winter.

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