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The toboggan run Lexgraben near Liezen - Ennsvalley - Styria - Austria, is easily reached via the B138, the Pyhrn Pass Road. The Parking is next to the road, or a few hundred meters away at the start of the run, for about 30 cars. To the parking lot please drive carefully. You must go up on the toboggan run and therefore you must comply the rules, which are explained on a panel at the start. When you go up so go on the right side of the toboggan run and look for forward for other sleigh driver. Sometimes there you meet some ski tour walker they are on the way to the pasture Hintereggeralm. If all comply with rules, the toboggan ride in Lexgraben is certainly a wonderful nature experience. The toboggan run is about 2.5 m wide and is almost always in good condition.

The sled near the town Liezen begins at 900m.ü.M and after 3.7 km you reach an altitude of 1.190m, with an average gradient of around 8.5%. If the toboggan run is slower in fresh snow, there are two short sections where you must go downhill a few meters on foot. Not so in the escarpment. This is 800m long, with an average gradient of 15%. This section of the track is shown in red in the Google Map. Here, please go on sight, because some people always go up the steep slope, though the other is on the blue line (Google Map) not nearly as steep, much sunnier and also offers by far the better prospect.

In cloudless full moon is the moon - tobogganing on the unlit natural run in Lexgraben a special experience. For safety, but everyone should definitely take a good flashlight or headlamp.
A hot tea in a thermos bottle, helped of course. The food and the sleds have to take yourself, as there is no farmed hut or a toboggan hire.
The use of the toboggan run in Lexgraben Liezen is free.

Safety Tips for Sledding - Sledding:

  • Who's going sledding in the afternoon has to take on any case, head lamps, since it gets dark early in winter.
  • Take T-shirt, sweater and cap for changing with you, so you do not get sick.
  • Do sledding always in control. Before little children should be sleigh at a greater distance an adult.
  • With good hiking shoes you can brake and steer on slippery toboggan runs.
  • Children they may toboggan alone, should put on a ski helmet and ski goggles in any case. 
  • On the ascent go on the right side, so you avoid collisions with downhill toboggan, sled driver and ski tour walker.

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