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Rodeln Galsterbergalm auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

GPS data download from - Tour Nr. 51048

The start of the toboggan run in Pruggern is by the great inn Bottinghaus in 1.650m, which you can reach very easily via the gondola Galsterbergalm. For families, a good offer and transmitted to several days a week you can tobogganing on the Galsterberg at night.

The start of the track is located just off the top of the gondola station. But before you'll downhill in the valley you should absolutely stop by the Gallic village. Next to the mountain station of the gondola and Bottinghaus is for the children a long magic carpet and one of the coolest ski runs far and wide. In the Gallic village, you can also take the ski through the small huts and visit the resident to Gaul. With snowballs you can shoot on the Roman legionaries and between the trees there are also some hidden Romans. The "Singnix was" captured in style and hanged on a tree. The Gaulish village is not only for small children but also for adult Asterix fans very interesting. Especially since the characters are activated by motion detectors and can speak. Behind the giant ice sculpture (about 10 m high) there is a small, funny ice slide.

The toboggan run is 4.8 km long and have 509 altimeters. On the first 3.8 km, the average gradient is 9% and in the last kilometer impressive 16%. The bobsleigh track is very wide, especially in the upper section, and offers some very good views in the Ennsvalley.
At the end of the sleigh ride you find yourself back at the starting point at the base station of the gondola Galsterberg.

Safety Tips for Sledding / Toboggan run Pruggern :

  • Who's going sledding in the afternoon or night has to take for secureness head lamps, since it gets dark early in winter. So you can stay longer and enjoy the comfortable huts near the night toboggan run.
  • Do sledding always in control. 
  • Before the children should ride in a larger distance an adult.
  • With good hiking shoes you can brake and steer on slippery toboggan runs.
  • Children they may toboggan alone, should put on a ski helmet and ski goggles in any case.

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