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Breitenbrunn is on the western bank of the austrian lake Neusiedlersee - District Eisenstadt Umgebung - Burgenland - Austria. Together with neighbouring towns Donnerskirchen, Purbach, Winden and Jois Breitenbrunn belongs to nature protected area and World Heritage Nature Park lake Neusiedlersee Leitha Mountains. The natural pool Breitenbrunn is one of the seven resorts at Lake Neusiedl, with a long sandy beach and large lawn. Between April and October offers Breitenbrunn a bicycle ferry to Podersdorf the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl. The windy and sunny climate offers optimal climatic conditions for sailing and windsurfing. These are found in Breitenbrunn with special infrastructure for sailing, surfing lessons, a marina, camping, sailing, power, rowing and pedal boat rental.

Activities Breitenbrunn in summer: fishing, beach volleyball, sailing, surfing, running, Nordic walking, mini golf, cycling, tennis, tennis, rowing, swimming, table tennis, hiking.

Activities Breitenbrunn in winter: ice skating, ice-surfing, ice sailing.

Landmarks Breitenbrunn: Wine cellars with lots of information, the wine press and grape processing, wine bottling, vineyard care, the vines and the processing Fassbinder work. Parish churches, tower museum.

Breitenbrunn Webcam: The webcam shows the harbour of sailing on Lake Neusiedl.

The market town Jois is on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl in the district of Neusiedl am See - Burgenland - Austria. In the 1.300 inhabitants big town on Lake Neusiedl, there is a wonderful hiking trail between Jois and Breitenbrunn. On the slopes of the Leitha Mountains wine is predominantly grown, and there are many wine taverns, where you can enjoy these culinary delights of the region on Lake Neusiedl.

Activities Jois in summer: fishing, sailing, surfing, horseback riding, running, Nordic walking, throwing clay pigeon shooting and hunting course, cycling, rowing, swimming, kite surfing, hiking, triathlon.

Activities Jois in the winter: Ice skating, ice sailing.

Landmarks Jois: Russians cross, baroque röm.kath. Church, Marie column, pillar of light.

Jois Webcam: The webcam shows the terrace of the Jois sailing clubs and the harbour.

The community Mörbisch am See is on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl, and on the border with Hungary - District Eisenstadt Umgebung - Burgenland - Austria, has about 2,300 inhabitants on an altitude of 115m. Mörbisch is also known as the festival and wine community. For cyclists is Mörbisch the first address on Lake Neusiedl. So each year in late April in Mörbisch is organized one of the first cycling marathon in Austria. One can select between the simple orbit, or the Ultra Bike Marathon (250 Km) twice the circumnavigation of Lake Neusiedl. Without hardly slopes the ideal start to the cycling marathon season. The wines from about 100 wineries where offered in the 15 wonderful, romantic wine taverns.

On the modern floating stage on the shore of Lake Neusiedl 6,000 visitors have space. Each year many thousands of visitors see the artistically with very ambitious ideas and have a memorable evenings with the lake Neusiedlersee as part of the stage in the background. As the reed beds in Mörbisch is very broad and has been piled up in the 1950s, a long causeway from the village to the shore of Lake Neusiedl. At the end of the dam is located next to the lake festival stage game Mörbisch also a small marina, boat rentals, sailing and surfing, the beach of Mörbisch am See and the plant site of the ferry service to Illmitz.

Activities Mörbisch the lake in summer: fishing, sailing, surfing, horseback riding, running, Nordic walking, beach volleyball, tennis, mini golf, biking, cycling, inline skating, rowing, swimming, table tennis, hiking.

Activities Mörbisch lake in winter: ice skating, ice-surfing, ice sailing, curling.

Mörbisch sights on the lake: lake stage, Protestant Church, Roman Catholic. Church, the historical museum and the very romantic alleys of Mörbisch, which also belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Webcam Mörbisch am See: The lake Livecam in Mörbisch mounted above the Festival bleachers, can be controlled remotely over the Internet by the user and provides almost a 360 degree view.


The market town Podersdorf am See is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl in the district of Neusiedl am See - Burgenland - Austria. The area between Lake Neusiedl and the Hungarian territory is called Seewinkel and about 2,100 people have specialized in chief of tourism and viticulture. Podersdorf is the largest tourist resort on Lake Neusiedl. The tourists and cyclists appreciate the environmentally protected, Pannonian landscape in the national park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel and the many fine wine taverns. Podersdorf is without reed on the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl and the landscaped market town look like the Hungarian Great Plain - Puszta. Through the influence of the Pannonian climate, there are approximately 300 sunny days in the year and the particularly mild autumn is ideal for viticulture. Especially sailors and windsurfers appreciate the windy climate of the Neusiedlersee. The coatings, fen, marsh and reed beds in the national park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel are accessible by bike paths and trails very well. Also guided tours with knowledgeable local naturalists will gladly offered.

Activities Podersdorf am See in Summer: fishing, sailing, windsurfing, horseback riding, running, Nordic walking, beach volleyball, tennis, squash, badminton, cycling, rowing, swimming, kiteboarding, hiking, triathlon, inline skating.

Activities Podersdorf lake in the winter: Ice skating, Ice sailing, darts.

Landmarks Podersdorf am See: lighthouse, one of the last two serviceable windmills in Austria, late Baroque church, Holy Trinity, Marie column.

Webcams Podersdorf: Webcam 1 and 2: Views of Sport-Schneider deliver images from the beach in Podersdorf, as well as important information for sailors and surfers. Shall be indicated on the homepage of wind direction, wind speed, gusts, temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, trend, water temperature, sunrise time and sunset time. Webcam 3: The webcam of not only offers a very good live image with a large resolution, but also a chronological review of the day. Thus, from 5 clock in the morning saved a picture every hour.

Freistadt Rust - the city of storks and noble wine - is a small town west of the Neusiedlersee in Burgenland. The town is self-managed with its own municipal law. With 1.800 inhabitants Rust is the smallest administrative district in Austria. 2001, the entire Rust and the Neusiedlersee, with its peripheral areas was launched to the list of World Heritage Sites. The reason for this was the unique landscape that interface of several cultural forms, climate and natural areas. And of Mediterranean, Alpine and Pannonian regions.

Activities Freistadt Rust on Lake Neusiedl: 50km in Rust and environment are available for Runners, Nordic - walkers and hikers, Seaside, many cycling tours without steep inclines, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, fishing.

Attractions Freistadt Rust on Lake Neusiedl: The Rust World Heritage Site itself, Civic Museum - Kremayrhaus, Fischer church, Art house of Rust, many fine inns and taverns in the area of Rust, there are the Mörbischer Seespiele and in St. Margarethen the Opera Festival.

Webcams Rust: The 4 cams from the yacht club show good pictures of the Rust bay Surf-island, swimming Rust and Rust. There are many, current, useful weather information on wind, temperature, air pressure, sun, moon, water, and very important information for the winter on the ice build. The wind forecast over 9 hours and 18 hours can also use cyclists especially good for cycling.


The Neusiedler See is the largest lake in Austria, as the Austrian part of the Bodensee is not as great as on the Neusiedlersee (240km²). Overall, the Neusiedlersee has a water surface of 320km². The characteristics of the steppe lake are its small depth max. 1.8 m, its mild climate and its reed belt. The windy climate at Lake Neusiedl is ideal for sailing and surfing.

In the northwest of Lake Neusiedl is bounded by the last foothills of the Alps, north of the Parndorfer plate, on the east by Seewinkel, in the south and southeast of Waasen, and in the southeast hills of Rust. Most bathing and port facilities are available in the two Austrian districts Neusiedl am See and Eisenstadt - Umgebung and Fertőrákos in Hungary. The whole area (about 300 km ²) around the Neusiedlersee, was declared as a nature reserve. In addition, there are in the two national parks, Neusiedler See-Seewinkel, on Austrian territory and Fertő Hanság Nemzeti Park in Hungary large natural areas and conservation zones, which make up the big part of the coastal area in southern and eastern part of Lake Neusiedl. Of the 90 km² of the national park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel on the Austrian side about half, 45 km² are designated as a nature area, where no use is permitted. By 1926, were first created protected areas. Until 1991-1993, was managed to establish two national parks on Lake Neusiedl best to protect a unique animal - and plant life at Lake Neusiedl. A reed belt surrounds most of the Neusiedlersee. In Donnerskirchen reached the reeds a width of about 8 km. In the middle of the lake there are also some fake islands that consist only of the reed.

Lake Neusiedl is divided into three areas. 1st In the northern third of Lake Neusiedl is the Neusiedler Bay. 2nd The narrowest point, with 6 km of Lake Neusiedl is called Illmitzer narrow part. 3rd In the southern part of Lake Neusiedl lies the Silver Lake. Through the influence of the Pannonian climate there at the Neusiedlersee 300 days of sunshine a year and a particularly mild autumn is ideal for viticulture. Especially sailors and windsurfers appreciate the windy climate of the Neusiedlersee. But because of the sudden gusts and storms should always be careful. The water supply of Lake Neusiedl is about 80 percent of rainfall and only 20 percent of inflows. The Neusiedlersee has no natural drainage and 90 percent of water loss (about 80cm) is made by the natural evaporation in the summer. Only in winter can be derived with a channel excess water into the river Rabnitz in order to prevent flooding.

Since the Neusiedlersee is very shallow, the water temperature fluctuates greatly. On hot summer days, up to 30 degrees are measured. On average, the water temperature over the summer away about 22-24 degrees. The reed belt of Lake Neusiedl is home for around 300 species, of which the white stork is probably the best known and is the unofficial mascot of Lake Neusiedl. Typical leisure activities around the lake have in the summer: swimming, sailing, surfing, inline skating, horseback riding, cycling and beach volleyball. In winter you can to seal the frozen steppe ice sailing, ice skating and cross country skiing. The bike path around Lake Neusiedl is 135km long, with only a few altimeters. Because the bike path leads over Hungary take a passport.

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