Bari, the capital of the Italian region of Apulia, has about 320,000 inhabitants and is also an important tourist and university town. The town on the shallow Adriatic coast has an important commercial port. Moreover, Bari has an international airport, which is mainly served by low cost airlines. The Bari airport is located eight kilometers north-west of Bari.

Rocky coastline alternate with long white sandy beaches and the barrenness of the landscape is completed by the crystal clear sea. The coast of Bari spreads from Molfetta in the north to Monopoli in the south. There the charm of nature blends with the charm of the picturesque villages that feature magnificent castles and beautiful cathedrals. On the Murge Plateau, which is situated behind it, time seems to have stood still. The vast landscape is punctuated by bare rocks, ridges and indentations. The people was able to reclaim these large areas over the centuries and has used the dried out riverbeds for agricultural cultivation. Olive trees, almond trees and vineyards color this area around Bari.

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