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Caorle is a centuries-old coastal town of about 12.000 residents on the upper Adriatic Sea - Venice Province. With around 151 km² Caorle is one of the largest communities in northern Italy. Worth seeing in Caorle are the small, narrow streets with houses painted in Venetian colors, as in Venice. The villages in the municipality of Caorle called Brian, Brusa, Lido Altanea, Ca 'Corniani, Ca' Cottoni, Castello di Brussa, Duna Verde, Marango, Ottava Presa, Porto Santa Margherita, San Gaetano, San Giorgio di Livenza Villaviera.

In addition to tourism along the 15km long sandy beaches is the fishing still an important economic factor. Caorle offers more than 200 hotels and campgrounds. The annual number of visitors is around 5-6 million - mostly in the summer months. And it is probably one of the secrets of Caorle, that we always like to come back around. Anyone who has spent at dusk a little time on the headland at the Chiesa della Madonna dell'Angelo and enjoyed the atmosphere, know what is meant.

Landmarks in Caorle: the Duomo, the former Episcopal Church of the city from the 11th Century, small church of Madonna of the Angel. The multi-purpose hall PalaExpomar, downtown Caorle, fish and meat feast, Port of Caorle. The lagoon of Caorle is a natural paradise, as you will probably find hardly any one on the Upper Adriatic. Unique are the so-called Casoni - old fishing huts, which are only accessible by boat and have particularly appreciated by Hemingway hunting grounds in the lagoon, the pier with stone sculptures.

Activities in Caorle: sports stadium, and 2000 m² large sports hall, basketball, amusement park, swimming, surfing, cycling, tennis, mini golf, football, jogging, Nordic walking, golf, beach biking, beach volleyball, mountain biking.

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