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Mali Losinj is a town of about 6,000 inhabitants on the 75 km² island of Losinj in Croatia. Mali Losinj is located in the southeast part of the island. Because of the favorable climate develop around the protected bay Augustus not only a port, but also one of the most popular tourist centers of the Kvarner bay. Most residents have settled on the sunny east side. With the neighboring island of Cres, Losinj is connected by a narrow channel with a navigable swing bridge. On the island you will find a sub-tropical vegetation with palm trees, pine trees, oleander, lavender, sage, citrus trees and agaves. With about 300 cloudless days Mali Losinj is one of the sunniest places in Europe. With the main town Mali Losinj and the romantic village Veli Losinj, the island offers much for a nice, relaxing vacation. In the port of Mali Losinj you can find next to some boutiques and shops, many restaurants who have delicious mediterranean dishes on the menu. More Peace can be found in the narrow winding side streets. During a walk on the stone steps to the parish church of Mali Losinj you’ll have from the church square, a beautiful view of the town and the sea. Across the island are many hiking, walking and bike paths. Other recreational activities are tennis, volleyball, football and more.

The picturesque town of Veli Losinj is located on the southeast coast of the island of Losinj. The health resort with a lot of tourism is surrounded by lush vegetation along two bays. In and around Veli Losinj there are numerous beaches with crystal clear water and unspoiled nature. Especially nice is a romantic dinner in the small harbor, where in addition to tasty seafood dishes and international cuisine are offered. The hospitality of the inhabitants, the special atmosphere and the wide range in one of the most beautiful areas on the Adriatic coast are a good reason to spend the holidays there.


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