Medulin Weathercam

Medulin was once a fishing village and is now one of the most famous seaside resorts. The location at the southern tip of Croatia's Istria peninsula has a splendidly indented, long coast and is surrounded by a chain of smaller islands. Everything is focused on tourism and therefore a bank, post office, doctors, pharmacy, marketplace, car wash, a number of shops, souvenir shops, hair salons and galleries have opened throughout the year. For entertainment there are some discotheques and dance terraces.

The unique one kilometer-long sandy beach attracts families with young children. Nature lovers opt for the campsite. Even many friends of FKK come to Medulin and have free contact with the nature. In winter many football players and other athletes train in Medulin. The climate is ideal for the preparation during the winter months. The average daily temperature in January is 6.2 degrees, which is advantageous for sports and recreation. The month of April with an average of 11 degrees and the month of May with an average of 16 degrees are the ideal weather for cycling or horse riding in the lowland landscape. In this village with a long fishing tradition they discover the delights of homemade dishes - crab salad, black risotto or brodetto. If you prefer a meat menu, there are domestic prosciutto, if you love pasta, there are fuži with veal sauce or perhaps aromatic specialties with the famous truffles. To Medulin also includes the Vižula peninsula that is famous for its ancient archaeological site.

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