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Rovinj is a city in Croatia with about 14,000 inhabitants and is located on the Istrian peninsula. About 11% of the inhabitants are Italians. From 1815 to 1918 Rovinj stood under the rule of the Austrian Monarchy. Between the two world wars Rovinj belonged to Italy, after the second world war to Yugoslavia and since 1991 to the Republic of Croatia. The varied history has strongly influenced also the cityscape. Thus one finds in the narrow streets of the old town several different architectural styles such as Romanesque-Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical. The old town is closed for the traffic. Around the harbor promenade there are numerous restaurants and bars.


  • The nature reserve Zlatni rt with about 70-acre a kilometer south of the old town of Rovinj. The small peninsula is also known as the Golden Cape. Overall, Rovinj is surrounded by 22 smaller and larger islands. The largest of these islands is Santa Catarina and is still within sight of the old town. The scenically interesting islands are easily accessible by boats and also offer swimming and diving opportunities.
  • The symbol of the city, the church of St. Euphemia is from the 18th century by the Venetian architect Giovanni Dozzi. On top of the tower is since 1758 a 4.70 meters high bronze statue of St. Euphemia, which rotates around its own axis and indicates the wind direction with the right hand. The Holy Euphemia is not only the patron of Rovinj, but also of Istria. Furthermore, there are many other interesting churches and chapels.
  • The Aquarium presents visitors over 20 basins about the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea.

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