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 Umag is a typical small town in Croatia with 4,900 inhabitants. The main sources of income are the wine-growing and tourism. Holiday guests prefer Umag because of the diverse camping, sports and leisure activities. Despite of the relatively small number of residents is the downtown in the summer very lively. Since the Croatia Open is organized in Umag since 1990, the city is also known by the tennis players.

Umag is certainly not so rich in sights like other Croatian cities and the charm is its geographical location. Umag was built on a peninsula, has a quaint downtown and is surrounded from the sea. The promenade is directly in front of the old town and there are links to the tourist area Sol Polynesia.

Numerous relics suggest that Umag has existed already in Roman times. In Roman times still called Umacium, the city in the middle Ages belonged first to the diocese of Trieste, in the 13th century to Venice and in 1797 it was handed over by Napoleon to the Austria-Hungary monarchy, to which it belonged then until 1918. From 1918 was Umag a part of Italy and from 1945 to 1953 part of the Free State of Trieste.

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