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 Venice is a world famous city in northeastern Italy, located on the Adriatic coast. Of the approximately 270,000 inhabitants, about 60,000 live in the historic center and the others on the mainland and in the lagoon. The historical center has about 120 islands, between the mouths of the rivers Po and Piave. The capital of the Veneto region has an area of ​​414 square kilometers of which 257 km² of water surface. 1987 Venice was added to the list of of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The most popular transport in Venince is the gondola, whisch is mainly used to transport the tourists.

Until 1797 was the Republic of Venice one of the main European cities. Besides the trade in luxury goods, wheat, salt and spices Venice was also a very important financial center. Today, tourism is the main source of income in Venice. The historic center of Venice is a city in the water and is composed of approximately 120 islands. Many houses were built in shallow water. For this were used, depending on construction of thousands to hundreds of thousands of trees. Between the houses there are different wide waterchannels. Venice has about 175 channels with a total length of about 38 km. Many waterways are outside the historic center. The most famous canal is the Grand Canal with the worth seeing Rialto Bridge.You can cross the channels on more than 400 bridges. Until the 15th Century they were mostly built of wood and were then replaced by stone bridges. The longest bridge is the 3.8 km long Ponte della Liberta, which connects the town with the mainland. The 22m wide bridge was built for the cars in the 20 Century parallel to the existing railway bridge since 1846. Another well-known bridge is the Bridge of Sighs. It combines the former state prison on the ground floor of the Ducal Palace.´

In the Middle Ages salt was used not only to flavor but also for preserving meat and fish. And since a long time Venice had the monopoly, which was one reason for the richness of the lagoon city. But also with many other foods and luxury goods Venice traded actively. At the height of their power were Friuli, large parts ot the Lombardy, the city of Constantinople and the islands of Crete, Cyprus to Venice. Up to approximately 5,000 residents all Venetians are Catholic. Mid-15th Century, the Venetians were able to decolorize glass. With this technique, Venice was 2-3 centuries, the leader in glass art. From 19 Century caused many glassworks in Venice. The more than 60 companies on the island of Murano is glass still a great economic importance. But more importand today is tourism. The relatively small Venice is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Each year, approximately 9 to 16 million visitors come to Venice. In the weeks during the carnival in Venice there are approximately one million visitors. Venice has three airports and the Venice Airport - Marco Pole is the fourth largest in Italy.

As the houses in Venice are built very close together and if any small balconies are very rare, it is avoided on the roofs, so that the residents have a sunlight. The most famous Venetian are Marco Polo, Giacomo Casanova, Titian, Claudio Monteverdi and Antonio Vivaldi. The Venice Biennale is considered one of the most important international art exhibitions since 1895. The Venice Film Festival is beside the film festivals in Cannes and the Berlinale, one of the top three.

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