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The Croatian island of Krk is situated near the city of Rijeka in the Kvarner Bay. Krk is the northernmost island in the Mediterranean and the second largest island in the Adriatic. With a large bridge Krk was connected in 1980 with the Croatian mainland.

Approximately 18.000 inhabitants live on Krk. Due to the proximity to Austria, southern Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania, tourism is the main industry on the Croatian island of Krk. At Krk can practice almost all water sports and there are also many hiking trails and some interesting tours for cyclists. Between tours you can relax on the beach lying in the sun, more beautiful, while after a hard ride for the next bike ride again very good regeneration. Most beaches on Krk consist of small round pebbles. Why is the sea water near the beach very clean and has a beautiful deep blue colour. One of the few sandy beaches located just northeast of the Bay of Soline or Cizici. The cycling and mountain biking is possible on Krk because of the good climate from late March to late October. The biggest cities of Krk are: Krk, Baska, Malinska, Njivice, Omisalj, Punat, Baska Stara and Vrbnik.

Krk is the city, is located in the administration of the island of Krk. Especially beautiful is the port of Krk with the beautiful square in the old town of Krk. Many simple pizzerias, cafes and shops enliven the square at the port. A romantic walk through the old, narrow, cobbled streets in the town of Krk is also recommended.

Baska is located in the southern part of Krk and is framed in the east and west of about 400m-500m high hills. Coming from the city of Krk you drive over a pass (ca. 330 altimeter) to Baska. From the pass you can see already the beautiful town of Baska at the end of a 10 km long, karstic valley. The 2 km long fine pebble beach is located in the City of Baska half round between the mountains. Baska is the second largest city on the island of Krk and she is so like the city of Krk for tourism also developed very well. The small farms in Baska live mainly by vineyards, olive gardens, broom and some sheep's. Baska has in the near of the port a very beautiful picturesque old town with many cafes, pizzerias and shops they have opened in the summer until late into the night. Baska Activities: Tennis, soccer, beach volleyball, mini golf, diving, sailing, windsurfing, and in between just to relax on the beach in the sun. All this makes Baska one of the most famous tourist centres on Krk.

Malinska is situated on the west coast of Krk, about 15 miles to the bridge leading from the mainland to the island of Krk in Croatia. The wooded cove with lots of shady places on the beach, sandy beaches, a clean, blue sea and over 2,000 hours of sunshine make Malinska a popular holiday destination. Since Malinska is situated on the west side of Krk is the place not as susceptible to wind compared to the Bora as other cities of Krk. Malinska Activities: Hiking, tennis, diving, fishing, boating, water skiing and many cultural events. In addition to many restaurants and pubs where traditional, European dishes are served, there are also several restaurants in addition to offering typical Croatian cuisine - also special fish dishes.


Njivice was once a mere fishing village on the west coast of Krk and is now also a place with lots of tourism. Just as in Malinska, there are many shady places, as the trees reach to the beach. Leisure activities Njivice: tennis, mini golf, bowling, basketball, rides on speed boats, scooters, surfing and skydiving, and many performances by folklore groups in the summer months.

Punat is one of the oldest resorts and is located on the west coast of Krk, only a few miles south of the town of Krk. Punat is well known for its large marina with over 1000 berths. Also, a small shipyard is located in Punta. Activities in Punat: Fishing, boating, nude, fitness, inline skating, jet skiing, carting, mini golf, boat rentals, mountain biking, Nordic walking, cycling, horse riding, sauna, swimming, sailing, surfing, surfing, diving, diving school, tennis, pedal boat rentals, hiking, water-skiing, and a visit to the offshore island Kosljun with the Franciscan monastery.

Stara Baska is located about 10 km south of Punat and is easily accessible via a small pass. In the small and quiet place Stara Baska, there is a campsite, some apartments and pensions. The slightly bald but impressive scenery and the good local cuisine Stara Baska make one of the most popular excursion and holiday destinations on Krk.

Dobrinj is a small town in the municipality in the northeastern part of Krk. The city Dobrinj lies a few miles from the coast to about 200 meters. This one has in Dobrinj a fantastic view of the northeastern part of Krk and the Croatian mainland. One particularly good viewing point is located in the Gothic stone church of St. Stephan. Also very nice is the quiet, sheltered from the main square Dobrinj. Many old houses, narrow alleys and old parts of the walls from the times in which Dobrinj was a castle that exude a sense of calm and serenity. It almost seems as if time stood still.

Vrbnik is a romantic town on the east coast of the island of Krk. The city of the island Krk was built on a cliff about 50m above the beach. In the car-free Old Town of Krk you can still admire the narrow, medieval streets and houses. Around Vrbnik is one of the major wine regions located on Krk. Then there are the restaurants in Krk - Krk along with the good wine for the excellent cheese and for the many seafood known. Not only in the summer is Vrbnik very beautiful. In spring there are can be especially the many flowering plants, the holidays on Krk to an unforgettable vacation. And in the autumn can be enjoyed in peace at almost the same warm sea water and summer holidays on Krk at rest and taste the freshly picked figs, grapes and olives.

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