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The city of Zadar has about 75,000 inhabitants and is situated on the Adriatic coast in northern Dalmatia. Since 2003, the city is not only the administrative center, but also a university town. Zadar is a city with 3000 years of history and a great heritage. In the 19th century it was also the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, which was one of the Austrian crown lands. After the First World War Zadar fell to Italy and since 1991 Zadar is part of the independent Republic of Croatia.

2005 was built a Sea Organ in the harbor by the architect Nikola Bašić that generated by the wave motion music. By the sea waves air is forced into the organ pipes. Different sounds are produced depending on wave velocity and pipe size. In the vicinity you will find a 22m wide circle of walk-glass panels that generate at sunset colorful light effects.

Large parts of the old town were built in the Venetian style. Worth mentioning are the Lord's Square (Piazza dei Signori) with beautiful sergeant building, the gradska Straza, the fountain plaza with ancient Corinthian column and some beautiful churches. Other beautiful buildings are the Roman Forum, the former palace of the priors, the Archbishop's Palace, the Arsenal, the five wells and the adjoining tower of the city commander.

The Adriatic coast, islands and untouched nature are a popular destination for many tourists. The archipelago of 24 major and 300 smaller islands and rocks, 3 nature parks - Telašćica, Velebit and Vrana lake and 5 national parks: the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica, Kornati Islands, Krka and North Velebit make Zadar and its surroundings one of the best tourist attractions in Croatia. The Zadar Airport is the international airport of the city.

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