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 The market town Mondsee is situated on Lake Mondsee in the Austrian holiday region Salzkammergut - district Vöcklabruck - Upper Austria on the border to Salzburg.

In the community with 16.4 square kilometers live about 3.300 inhabitants. The largest area of Mondsee is the lake Mondsee. The region around Lake Mondsee was populated already about 3000 years BC. At that time the people built along the lakes stilt houses. The museum Mondseeland is one of the largest collections on stilts. Other museums in Mondsee are a farming museum, a general-historical museum and the Salzkammergut local railway museum. The first Benedictine monastery in Upper Austria was built in the 8th Century in Mondsee and one of the first German translations of the Bible was written in the monastery of Mondsee. End of the 18th Century, the monastery in Mondsee was closed. Since 19. Century, there is a steamboat on the Mondsee, which also tourism in the beautiful Salzkammergut - Mondsee-Irrsee region increased steadily.

Mondsee is also starting and destination of the five lakes Mondsee cycling marathon. Thousands of cyclists meet here annually to jointly manage the five lakes Mondsee Radmarathon with 4 lines of 25 km to 200 km and can cycle through the beautiful Salzkammergut. The five lakes Mondsee Radmarathon is worth because of the perfect organization and the beautiful scenery around the lakes of the Salzkammergut (Irrsee, Wolfgangsee, Mondsee, Traunsee, Attersee) in any case a recommendation.

Activities in Mondsee : hiking, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, canyoning, fishing, miniature golf, beach volleyball, cycling and mountain biking.

The lake - Irrsee has an area of 3.5 km², he is max. 32m deep and is located west of Mondsee in Upper Austria - Salzkammergut - District Vöcklabruck - Upper Austria - Austria. Since 1959, the Irrsee is fully protected. With a maximum of 27 degrees the lake Irrsee is one of the warmest in the Salzkammergut. On Irrsee disturbs no motor or electric boat, the swimming from May to September. Around the lake there are several public beach bathrooms with beach buffet and large lawns. In Zell am Moos there is a separate children pool with lots of play equipment, buffet and a rowing boat hire.

The town of Zell am Moos with about 1,500 inhabitants situated on the eastern bank of the Irrsee. Zell am Moos is located approximately 30 kilometers east of the town Salzburg and is due to its idyllic location and its original village structure a popular spot with tourists for a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the holiday.

The church Kolomannskirche on Kolomannsberg on Irrsee is the oldest wooden church in Austria. The Museum of Zell am Moos takes a lot of Ethnography, a garden gallery and much information about the rural life of yesteryear.

Activities Zell am Moos - Irrsee: hiking, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, canyoning, rowing boat hire, horse riding, fishing, cycling and mountain biking.

10 Webcams Mondsee - Irrsee: Webcams Mondsee 1 + 2: Mondsee and Irrsee  Webcams Mondsee 3 -10: The 8 webcams of the Union - Boat - Club Mondsee Mondsee show in many directions. 4 webcams are combined here to form a panoramic picture of the shore area of the market town of Mondsee and stored hourly. Of the last 24 hours you can watch a picture per hour from any webcam and a panoramic image from an image of Mondsee display.   

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