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 The market town of Bad Mitterndorf located in the eastern part of the Salzkammergut region Ausseerland / Liezen / Styria, Austria. Bad Mitterndorf has about 3200 residents who live in the 8 local villages: Bad Mitterndorf, Neuhofen, Krungl, Obersdorf, Rödschitz, Sonnenalm, Thörl and Zauchen. The "Kulm" is located between Bad Mitterndorf and Tauplitz. There is the largest natural ski flying hill in the world. In addition to the existing thermal spa Heilbrunn there is from autumn 2009 with the newly established Grimmingtherme a second spa in Bad Mitterndorf. Of the many traditional events in Bad Mitterndorf the Nikolaus and Krampus run on 5 December is very well known. 

Leisure Offers Bad Mitterndorf in winter: ski, skiing - Tauplitzalm, cross country skiing, curling, winter hiking, snowshoeing, ice skating, sleigh rides and tobogganing.
Leisure Offers Bad Mitterndorf in summer: hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding and fishing, cycling, swimming in Bad Mitterndorf or one of the nearby lakes: Ödensee, Altausseersee Grundlsee

Around Bad Mitterndorf in the Styrian Salzkammergut - Ausseerland are offered many beautiful cross-country ski trails in winter and bike - mtb tours in summer. From Klachau in Tauplitz you can cross country with several variations on Krungl, Neuhofen, Bad Mitterndorf to the lake Ödensee. The entire area is a snow cross-country and has yet to a fog-free location. The cross-country trails in Bad Mitterndorf are among the most beautiful in Austria and have been awarded the Styrian ski seal of approval.

The seven cross-country skiing in Bad Mitterndorf: 1. Kulm Cross Country - classic and skating trails, 7 km. 2. Krungl Cross Country - classic and skating trails, 60 altimeter - 6km, 35Hm 3. Heilbrunn Cross Country - classic and skating trails, 9 km, 155Hm 4. Sports Trail - Bad Mitterndorf classic and skating, 5km, 105Hm 5. Neuhofen Cross Country - classic and skating ski 6km, 60Hm - leads past the GrimmingTherme. 6. Sonnenalm cross-country classic and skating 8.5 km, 60Hm 7. Ödensee Cross Country - 18km classic and skating ski trail 2 km, 160 Hm

Overall, all seven cross country skiing in Bad Mitterndorf have a combined length of 60 km of classic cross-country skiers and 44 kilometers for cross-country run in the skating technique. These beautiful trails in the region Salzkammergut Ausseerland remain even after a few visits are still very interesting, because you can combine the trails together. There is no problem Idensität of training to adapt their own performance. After the cross-country skiing you can relax well in the GrimmingTherme or in the bath Heilbrunn.

Of the approximately 15 Rest stop along the cross-country trails around Bad Mitterndorf in the Styrian Salzkammergut - Ausseerland i liked the Steirerhütte (before Mosthütte) in Bad Mitterndorf most.

The Steirerhütte (before Mosthütte) is located next to the cross-country skiing and in summer next to the Salzkammergut Cycle Path R19. As the name suggests, can be experienced in the Steirerhütte (before Mosthütte) many hours on nice sunny days. The friendly service and the best complement the rustic hut cross-country - adventure in Bad Mitterndorf. Who passes on the Steirerhütte has just been seen by far not all, experienced and enjoyed. In the Steirerhütte not allowed to smoke, what the athletes on the sunny terrace find no place in good stead come. Childrens playground, barbecue in summer. Large parking area for cars and horse-drawn sleigh rides. As you can see from the webcam at the Steirerhütte one has a magnificent view of the mountain Grimming.

The kitchen offers the Mosthütte e.g. Delicacies from our own organic farm, real Ausseerland fish lot (Selchsaibling with horseradish), must and excellent spirits.

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