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Altaussee is located in the north-western part of Styria and the Styrian Salzkammergut, as can be already derived from the name on the lake Altausseersee. This 214ha large, landscaped beautifully situated alpine lake with a maximum depth of 52.8 m - 712m above sea level, was always been an attraction for many artists and important personalities.

Altaussee is divided into the both communities Altaussee and Lupitsch or in the five villages Altaussee, Fischerndorf, Puchen, Lichtersberg and Lupitsch. The first settlements around Altaussee emerged around the year 800th. Today, the community Altaussee has about 1900 residents.

The salt was first documented in 1147. In the largest salt deposit is today still mined salt. Altaussee with the spa is very important and is a boon for the following disorders: catarrh, diseases of the gallbladder, liver and intestinal problems, and bronchi and asthma. 

The ski area Loser - in the Styrian Salzkammergut Altaussee consists of 29 kilometers of ski trails and 12 lifts (5 chair lifts, 5 drag lifts, 1 platter, 1 magic carpet). From Altaussee towards the pasture Blaa Alm extending the ski resort of the opposite mountains: Loser 1838m and 1717m Sandling. The skiing area in the valley is on an altitude of 854Hm.

On the Sandling was built specifically for snowboarders, a new fun park. The Ski area for kids at the base station offers the kids fun in the snow and the high plateau above on the Loser is known for its deep snow. In the hut Loser Alm, Loser mountain lodge and the restaurant you can relax in a sunny location and excellent views really good. To celebrate after skiing a little bit there is a wide range of ski huts and après ski bars.

The mountain Loser is regarded as the symbol of the region Ausseerland. The name dates back to medieval as the residents have risen very often on the Loser to listen (in the local dialect "losen"), whether from the Enns valley is to hear noise of battle. At about the 9 km long panoramic road you can drive to the mountain restaurant at 1600m. (See bike ride on the Loser). The large free car park at the mountain restaurant away, there are some not too strenuous hiking trails, such as lake Augstsee on 1647m or to the summit of the Loser 1.838m

Activities in Altaussee and lake Altausseersee: Cross country skiing, tobogganing, paragliding, hang-gliding, snowshoeing, skiing, curling, hiking, rope climbing park, fishing, cycling, swimming and mountain biking.

The area around the Altausseersee has much to offer in summer. E.g. Altausseer beer tent - one of the largest in Austria, beautiful walks around the lake and the Daffodil Festival Altausseersee with boat parade.

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