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The market town Oberzeiring has about 900 inhabitants and is located at 932m in the Styrian District Judenburg. The farms of the farmers are often up to a height of 1.400m. The total area from Oberzeiring is 38.23 km ² and is located in the area of the alps "Wölzer Tauern" and "Niedere Tauern".

Oberzeiring was already inhabited many centuries before the Romans and was on a very important trade route. On this, the salt was transported between Enns valley and Mur valley. The Romans built with the Via Norica "the first street in the area of Oberzeiring and Hohentauern. From that time is an old stone arch bridge. In the Middle Ages silver was mined in Oberzeiring. The mining industry was closed at the year 1400 either because of flooding or because of unprofitable again. Later in Oberzeiring also barite, iron and aragonite was dismantled.

The high humidity in the tunnel is now used as a healing cave for asthma or bronchial diseases. The air in the former silver studs has a temperature of 8 degrees and is completely free of dust and pollutants. In the spa there are other therapies such as Chinese Medicine and learn from breathing techniques.

The webcam is located near the wind farm in Oberzeiring on a ridge of the Low Tauern near the hut Klosterneuburgerhütte. The Tauern wind farm consists of 13 wind turbines with an annual capacity of approximately 40 million kWh.

If you come to Oberzeiring will be delighted by the beautiful flowers, for which the municipality has received several awards.

Sights of Oberzeiring: Elisabeth church - the Gothic parish church from the heyday of the silver mining in the 14th Century, Forge, basement house, the Roman town.

Activities Oberzeiring in summer: hiking, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking.

Activities Oberzeiring in winter: skiing in the nearby Lachtal, in Oberzeiring there is a platter lift, ice skating, cross country skiing in Hohentauern, curling, tobogganing, skiing.

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