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In the community Weng im Gesäuse with 75km² live about 600 inhabitants. Weng im Gesäuse is at the foot of the road pass Buchauer saddle and the mountain Großer Buchstein 2224m at the entrance to Gesäuse. The district Gstatterboden is located in the National Park Gesäuse and is also home to the park pavilion. In the very successful architectural building there is an exhibition on the geology of the region Gesaeuse and a restaurant.


Weng in Gesäuse is particularly interesting for hikers, as there are many beautiful walks. For the rest, or even overnight hikes, there are between three well-known lodges.

Grabneralm (1.395m) is from early May to late October cultivated continuously. Good kitchen and 40 beds. In summer you can drive with a mountain bike on a marked route to Grabneralm.

Admonterhaus (1.723m) at Grabnertörl has open from Pentecost to October and offers 42 beds. Walk to the Admonterhaus e.g. from Buchauersattel and Grabneralm in 3 hours.

Ennstalerhütte (1.544m) is the oldest hut in Gesäuse and is open from mid May to late October. It was built in 1886 and has 64 beds. Accessible is the Ennstalerhütte of Gstatterboden, Erbsattel and railway station Großreifling in about 3-4 hours

Activities in Weng im Gesäuse: tennis, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, swimming pool with beach volleyball court - On hot summer days you can also swim in the night when the pool is open then even to 22 clock.

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