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The community Seewalchen is on the northern bank of the very beautiful lake Attersee and has an area of 24km² - District Vöcklabruck – Hausruckviertel – Upper Austria. The approximately 5.200 inhabitants live in the two cadastral communities Litzlberg and Seewalchen. Communities in Seewalchen are Ainwalchen, Buchberg, Gerlham, Haidach, Haining, Kemating, Kraims, Litzlberg, Moss, Neißing, Neubrunn, Pettighofen, Reichersberg, Roitham, Rosenau, Seewalchen on Attersee, Staudach, Altsteindorf, Neusteindorf and Unterbuchsberg. 

Seewalchen on Attersee is simply accessible by the highway A1 with a own exit that passes north of Lake Attersee. The community offers 2 swimming pools. The bathing Seewalchen with a 10m diving platform and and solarpool. The swimming pool in Litzlberg has a beach volleyball court.

Landmarks Seewalchen: Castle Litzlberg on a 6,000 acre island in Lake Attersee, which is accessible via a footbridge. Since 1974, the castle Litzlberg is privately owned. In Seewalchen there are many beautiful villas. Some churches and the nature reserve Gerlhamer Moor.

Activities Seewalchen in summer: hiking, cycling, beach volleyball, horseback riding, running, swimming, climbing, tennis, ropes course, tepee village in Haining, sailing, surfing, boating, boat rentals, steamship, soccer field, skate area, water skiing.

Activities Seewalchen in winter: sleigh rides, cross country skiing, curling, ice skating, winter hikes.

Webcam Seewalchen: Cam of the Sailing Club Kammersee Attersee Austria.



The community Attersee is situated on the west bank of the austrian lake Attersee. In Attersee life about 1.600 people. The community on an altitude of 496m has approximately 15 km ² and consists of the villages: Abtsdorf, Altenberg, Attersee, Aufham, Breitenröth, Mühlbach, Neuhofen, Oberbach and Palmdorf.

Attractions in Attersee am Attersee : Catholic and pilgrimage church Attersee, Evangelical Church, Church of St. Lawrence in Abtsdorf, Castle Neu Attersee.

Activities Attersee am Attersee: Adventure pool Attersee. Attersee Hall - cultural exhibitions, Union Yacht Club Attersee, hiking, biking, mountainbiking, swimming, nordic walking, joggen, tennis.

The webcam of the Union Yacht Club Attersee offers a beautiful view of the Attersee and many important weather and wind information. Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, air pressure, sun and moon. Particularly interesting is the control of the webcam on the Internet.
Thus, for even the webcam can swivel on the Attersee Attersee, or select one of the eight predetermined positions.


 Weyregg on Attersee is situated on the eastern shore of the lake Attersee in Upper Austria. In the 55km ² great community life about 1,500 people.

The beach of the Municipality Weyregg Attersee offer include: children's playground, children's water slide, changing rooms, large sunny lawn (6000 m2), number of berths to spacious jetty. 2 swimming islands, modern buffet with terrace, sun umbrellas and sun loungers. Tennis court, mini golf course, street ball plant and boat rental nearby. 15,000 m2 maintained lawn can be found relaxing bath in the province of Upper Austria. Particularly ideal for families (large sand pit, children's play area), very shallow lake access, 2 pool bars, restrooms, and locker rooms. At the pool “Bundesforstbad” is the multi-sport complex located in one can play basketball, volleyball, handball and football. Besides the sports complex is still a paved surface for the skaters.

Landmarks Weyregg Attersee: Richtberg Chapel, Imperial House Museum, Gahberg chapel.

Activities Weyregg am Attersee in summer: sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, paragliding, cycling, mountain biking, 9-hole golf course, mini golf, diving, hiking, climbing, tennis, swimming, street ball-conditioning, cruise on Lake Attersee.

Activities Weyregg am Attersee in winter: bowling, curling, ice skating, winter hikes.

Webcams Weyregg Attersee:

1. Webcam: Webcam in cafe “Eichhorn” with a view towards Attersee

2. Webcam: Golf course Weyregg overlooking the Attersee

3. and 4 Webcam: Wachtberglifte with the lake Attersee and ski lift.




 The community Nußdorf am Attersee consists of the districts Aich, Aichereben, Dexelbach, Lichtenbuch, Limberg, Nußdorf am Attersee, Parschallen, Reith, Streit, Zell and is situated on the eastern shore of the lake Attersee. 1.100 people life on 27km² and they have an wonderful scenic town to the Lake Attersee.

Landmarks Nußdorf am Attersee: Ransonnet - Villa, parish of St.. Mauritius

Activities Nußdorf am Attersee in summer: swimming, surfing, sailing, rowing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, climbing.

Activities Nußdorf am Attersee in winter: cross country skiing, fitness center, winter hiking, ice skating, curling.

Webcam Nußdorf am Attersee: The webcam in Aichereben has a slightly elevated position and offers a superb view on the lake and the mountains “Höllengebirge”. There are all sorts of weather data from the Attersee with satellite image and with a great graphic treatment.


The community Unterach am Attersee is on the south bank of the attersee and on the border to Salzburg. The 1.500 residents of Unterach live in the villages of Au/See, Unterach and Buchenort.

Unterach is between the lakes Mondsee and Attersee. Because of the many villas of the last century the place was on Attersee long known as the "Little Venice". Another special feature of Unterach are the rare occurrence in the Alps of chestnuts.

Landmarks Unterach: High Moor Egelsee, Kaplan Memorial, Church of St. Bartholomew

Activities Unterach in summer: basketball, swimming, surfing, sailing, rowing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, climbing.

Activities Unterach in winter: winter hiking, ice skating, curling.

 The Attersee (also called Kammersee) is located in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut – District Vöcklabruck – Upper Austria – Austria. With an area of 47 square kilometers and a length of 23 kilometers is the Attersee the largest lake situated entirely in the Austrian territory. The Attersee is characterized by its high water quality and its abundance of fish. The first settlements on the Attersee created about 2.500 BC. In form of stilt houses. Since 19 Century, the tourism in the Salzkammergut is more and more important and is now one of the most important economic factors in the region Salzkammergut. In summer the beautiful lake in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut has a water temperature to 25 degrees and around the seaside resorts of the Attersee, there are some excellent conditions for swimmer.

Seaside resorts on the Attersee: Agerbad – Schörfling am Attersee, Bad Pfahlbaudorf - Attersee, relaxing bath of Upper Austria - Weyregg am Attersee, adventure pool Attersee, adventure Aurach, Europabad Weissbach - Steinbach, free baths Litzlberg - Seewalchen , recreational area Unterach - Unterach, Seaside Nussdorf - Nussdorf am Attersee.

Because of its depth up to 170m, the Attersee is also for extreme divers and amateur divers in shallow water very interesting. In very clean, blue to emerald green water, the visibility for the divers is about 25m. The sailors and windsurfers appreciate the favorable wind conditions and the excellent infrastructure of the Attersee. The Rose Wind Lake Attersee is named after the castle chamber. The scent of the rose gardens at that time has taken the wind on the Attersee and then the wind rose to his came on Attersee very flattering name. Most of the rose wind blows from the northeast and of a mean wind speed of 4 BFT.

Water skiing schools and water ski shops on Attersee are in Attersee, Nussdorf, Seewalchen, Steinbach, Attersee and Weyregg. The mountains around the Attersee invite hikers with more than 10 cabins and beautiful mountain pastures and some very interesting topics hiking trails to explore a beautiful landscape of the Salzkammergut.

Fishery in Lake Attersee: pike, lake trout, brown trout and rainbow trout, lake trout, whitefish, eel, carp, burbot, perch, and whitefish Perlfisch.

Activities on the Attersee in summer: canoning, swimming, water skiing, surfing, sailing, rowing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, golf, steamboat, horseback riding, rock climbing, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball court in Unterach.

Activities on the Attersee in winter: indoor swimming pool in Vöcklabruck, Fitness Center Vöcklabruck and Nussdorf am Attersee, bowling in Weyregg am Attersee, tennis, darts and billiards in Vöcklabruck, sleigh rides, cross country skiing, curling, ice skating, winter hikes.

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