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 The Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the most beautiful in the austrian region Salzkammergut, mostly in the state Salzburg and a small part of lake Wolfgangsee is in the Upper Austrian territory. The area of Lake Wolfgang is almost 13 square kilometers and the deepest point is in 114m. The large towns around the lake are located at an altitude of 538m include St. Wolfgang - Upper Austria and St. Gilgen, Abersee, Ried and Strobl in the state of Salzburg. Tourism is the main source of income around the lake. With approximately 75% of nights booked in summer. Many famous personalities and artists holidaying on lake Wolfgangsee. Even the emperor, when Austria was still a monarchy, knew to appreciate the beautiful, clean and quiet countryside and came for the summer often in the region Salzkammergut.

Since 1873, on the Wolfgangsee operated mainly for tourism and a cruise. The mountain Schafberg in the north of St. Wolfgang is one of the Northern Limestone Alps and has a height of 1.782m. On the Schafberg with a height of 1893m a rack railway was built, which overcomes a length of 5.85 kilometers from St. Wolfgang. The top station of the cog railway up the Schafberg is on 1.730m, just below the summit. Between May and October, the gear train operated and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes. Directly on top of the mountain Schafberg was in the 19th Century with the Mountain Inn Schafbergspitze also the first Austrian mountain hotel. From the summit you have a unique view of 13 lakes in the Salzkammergut region.

St. Wolfgang was named after the holy Wolfgang, who built a church in St. Wolfgang. The market town on Lake Wolfgang is part of the district of Gmunden in Upper Austria / Traunviertel and has about 2,800 inhabitants. Great visibility reached St. Wolfgang as the location of some films (austrian movies).

The community Strobl on the eastern shore of Lake Wolfgang is also part of the district of Salzburg -  and has about 3,500 inhabitants. The natural beaches of Lake Wolfgang have a very sunny location and because of the relatively shallow water, the highest water temperature at the lake Wolfgangsee.

At the community St. Gilgen not only includes parts of Lake Wolfgang but also the pasture Schafbergalm and parts of the lake Attersee. In the popular resort on Lake Wolfgang live about 3,700 inhabitants.


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