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Wien Hohe Wand Webcam Wetter ski Weather auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

 The Hohe Wand Wiese is the ski resort in the Austrian capital Vienna. There is only a 400 meter long ski lift, but with the newest technology. With 13 lances, and up to 5 snow cannons artificial snow is produced. Because of the floodlights, the lift is open to 21 clock. In a new premises are located a ski school and ski rental. The oldest artificial snow slope in Austria has a max. gradient of 25% and is also FIS - compliant. The ski slope is 80m wide and has a total height difference of 102m. In summer, on the Hohe Wand Wiese brings a 850m-long summer toboggan run a lot of fun. With up to 40 km/h it roars down through the 14 curves. A small wooden bridge you have even included an experience jump into summer toboggan run.

Vienna, with its 1.7 million inhabitants is the tenth largest city in Europe and the capital of Austria. The smallest state in Austria has an area of 414,65 km². The federal capital Vienna is situated in the province of Lower Austria and has no borders with a neighboring country. World's major organizations have headquarters in Vienna. The most important are the United Nations (UN), OPEC, OSCE and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Near the river Danube, the IAEA and the UN even has its own large building complex UN City. 

Until after the First World War (1914-1918), Vienna was for centuries the imperial residence of the Habsburgs. From this period are very much worth seeing. Among the most important sights include the Castle Schoenbrunn and the adjacent Zoo Schönbrunn, Belvedere Palace, St. Stephen cathedral, Ferris Wheel in the Prater (amusement park), Art history Museum and the government district Hofburg. Great Buildings of the recent history of Vienna's Danube Tower, Vienna International Centre, Millennium Tower, Ernst-Happel station, heating plant Spittelau and Hundertwasserhouse – designed by the famous austrian performer Friedensreich Hundertwasser and the Twin-Towers.

As early as the Neolithic Age emerged in the territory of today's Vienna settlements, as it is located at the crossroads of traffic and trade routes. From west to east - the Danube and from north to south, the Amber Road. In the Vienna basin, the Danube was easier to cross, as the Danube in several small arms with many islands in between dividing.
The Danube is with 2850 kilometers the second-longest river in Europe. From the Black Forest in Germany the Danube rises and flows east through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania to the river delta flowing into the Black Sea. The Danube was and is still an important trade route between Western and Eastern Europe. Ca. 8 million tons of goods are transported annually along the Danube. Also up to 70 cruise ships sailing in the high season on the Danube. Along the Danube there are among the many hydroelectric power stations, numerous national parks and nature reserves to protect the fauna and flora. As a striking geographical appearance also run many barriers along the Danube. Currently there are approximately 1070 kilometers. During the period when the Romans ruled central Europe, the Danube frontier and because of the difficult crossing and protection against the barbarians who lived north of the Danube.

The Danube reached Vienna at the Vienna Gate, a narrow passage between the mountain Leopoldsberg and Bisamberg. In the southeast, the Danube flows through the National Park Danube Floodplains. The Danube island in Vienna is an important recreational area for the residents of Vienna. For many runners, volleyball players, skaters, cyclists and Fkk - trailer is the Danube island very important and increased significantly among the other numerous parks and gardens of Vienna, the quality of life. The Danube Island was created after the regulation of many river Danube to wine taverns. Vienna better protection against flooding can be. The old Danube is a longer part of the old river bed and is used as the Danube island is also used for recreation. Cut off from the water supply of the "New Danube", the Old Danube is fed only by groundwater. On the Old Danube, you can rent rowing, sailing, pedal boats and electric boats or surfboards and if we do not continue living in Vienna and member of a sailing club is anyway.

Important cultural events and institutions in Vienna New Year Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Festival, Danube Island Festival, Life Ball, Vienna State Opera, Volksoper, Public Theatre, Vienna Opera Ball, Castle Theater, and numerous smaller stages for cabaret art and theater. Particularly in regard to classical music, Vienna is one of the most important cities in the world. Many famous musicians have lived and worked in Vienna. e.g. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss - father, Johann Strauss - son, Franz Lehar, Joseph Lanner, Anton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schoenberg, Franz Schubert and Franz Liszt. Stars of modern pop music include Rainhard Fendrich, Falco, Georg Danzer, Wolfgang Ambros.

Very interesting is the Viennese cuisine from the many immigrants from all parts of the former imperial Monarchy has been influenced and enriched. Particularly interesting is the Vienna coffee house tradition - a popular meeting place for the music and literary artists. In the outer city area of Vienna, there are some vineyards with many.

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