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 Bregenz is the capital of the smallest, austrian state - Vorarlberg and is located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance. Bregenz bordered with a few hundred meters to Lindau in Germany. In Bregenz live on 29.51 km² 29,000 inhabitants. In the related area live with Lindau in Germany approximately 110.000-120.000 people. The Bregenz Festival, which are listed on the largest floating stage with 7000 visitors is the most famous event.

The "Pfänder" - 1.064m - is the home mountain of Bregenz. Since 1927, is a cable railway on the Pfänder. The mountain station is situated at 1.022m. Thus, a very easy to reach destination with a great view. On the Pfänder, there is also an eagle and an Alpine Wildlife Park. If you'll hike on the Pfänder you seen in clear weather about 200 mountain peaks from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The area where today Bregenz is located on Lake Constance, according to findings was already populated since 1500 years BC. In the time of the Romans around 15 BC to 400 AD. was not only a Roman settlement called Brigantium but also a Roman naval port on Lake Constance.

With some state vocational schools, high schools, universities and trade schools economic Bregenz is also a very important educational center in the state of Vorarlberg.

Attractions Bregenz: Bregenz Festival, Bregenz landmark - the Martin Tower, Art house Bregenz, Castle Hohenbregenz, the narrowest house facade with 57cm in the Kirchstraße 29, mushroom kiosk near the harbour. 

Activities Bregenz: football, tennis, cycling, riding, handball, rowing, sailing, basketball, table tennis, air rifle, motor boating, swimming, ice skating, Vorarlberg State Museum, Military Museum, Museum of the Cistercian Abbey of Wettingen - Mehrerau, State Theatre, Theatre Space, hike or cable car on the Pfänder 1064Hm - great views with wildlife and eagle, eight galleries, a casino.

Of the 14 Webcams in Bregenz you can control three over the Internet itself. Including the webcam above the floating stage in Bregenz. Also interesting are the two webcams on the northern and southern entrance of the Bregenz City Tunnel. Furthermore, the webcams of the Rheinspitz Restaurant, directly beside the nature reserve Rheinspitz and from the small airport in Altenrhein. 

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